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Leadership in the 21st Century Begins with "W"

Business-women-2010 And, that "W" stands for "women."

I expect I'm preaching to the choir but how many of you realize the power you have, as women entrepreneurs? You're a leader in your industry, regardless of how far you are in your business, at the moment. Women aren't standing behind their men, any longer. They're next to or out in front - partners and leaders, still supporting goals and achievements started by the men in their lives, oftentimes as a key member of the executive team instead of "the little woman" patting him on the back.

Dan Schawbel, who writes on personal branding, has a great article in this week's newsletter written by "guest expert" David Siteman Garland who offers advice on "How To Build Your Brand Smarter, Faster, Cheaper..." Let's take a look at his three pieces of advice, and understand how they describe women to a T.

1. View Sales as a long term relationship, not a one-night stand. Granddaughter-Miah-blogpaws
Sound familiar? Bring back memories of smokey bars, loud music, offers of "buy the little lady a drink?" and subsequent offers not so appealing, afterwards? Even then, we knew one-night stands were not the answer to our problem. Women are relationship builders by nature. Even IF we accept an occasional one-night stand, it's with our eyes wide open. In life and business, we aim to create friendships, not just men-ships (you know, people who pass in the night?). And, we're teaching our kids to do the same - as my granddaughter, Miah, does in this picture of "I Am the Change" from BlogPaws West.

2. Be human, David says. Not a company.
Ha! Women don't know how NOT to be human! Some of us have mastered the poker face of business, especially when negotiating a new contract, but for the most part, we are human. We're still the baby-makers and the pet lovers and the people who juggle the household chores, errands, and meetings, along with mastering our profession or advancing our careers. Luckily for us - this century is teaching our men how important it is for them to learn how to do what we've been doing for centuries!

3. Become a trusted resource.
Whoa - that's a loaded idea. How do you become a trusted resource? How do you show people (not 'tell' them, show them) that you can be trusted - in less than an hour, which may be all you have to spark their interest in your products/services? David suggests publishing content. Be the expert to connect with. I say, be real. Show interest. DO whatever you say you'll do and do it in 24 hours. Don't play coy, don't play shy, don't overpromise.

David mentions Scott Ginsberg - the #1 most approachable business professional of the 21st century, IMHO. Scott made a choice to become the Nametag guy, and since then, he's moved his career forward into being the expert on how to succeed in business - over and over. And, it's not "without really trying." Stay tuned for more of Scott in December.

Can you see how leadership in the 21st century begins with "W"? Women have a great responsibility in front of them. To lead with purpose, conscious choice, and compassion.

Who's with me?



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