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Marketing to Women Online not Rocket Science

Frankie-Grandma1 Arrghh! It's been more than half a dozen years since I wrote Dickless Marketing: Smart Marketing to Women Online, and a number of other professionals have been covering this topic, also. But, every now and then, a blog post or news article pops up that makes my blood boil!


Because it purports to understand women and how we think or act. As if the woman in this picture (me, with my new granddaughter) is the same as the woman in previous posts - which would be me before I had my new granddaughter.

I'm not going to link to these articles because... I don't really want to sent them traffic. You know that I routinely send new blogs and websites traffic, but this time, it's counter-intuitive. You won't learn anything by reading their assertions, and they won't learn the error of their ways, if you visit.

The people you should be reading, in addition to the women on this blog, are:

Andrea Learned - if anyone can convince me to give non-gender marketing a chance, it's Andrea.

Michele Miller - the first woman I met who was focused on the women's market, Michele, has some of the best advice online over at Wonderbranding, and she gets it not because she's a woman, but because she's done her research. Listen to her CD, The Natural Advantages of Women and read her book, The Soccer Mom Myth.Natural-advantages-of-women-michele-miller

Holly Buchanan - Michele's co-author in The Soccer Mom Myth, Holly doesn't mince her words when she talks about marketing to women - online or off. I visit her site for all the latest info on this topic.

Who did I leave out? I know you have your favorites. Share them with us. Let's make sure the right information is being reported, out audio CD Natural Advantages of Womenthere. It's not about how much we spend (but we spend a lot!); it's not about how pink we are (or aren't); it's not about our jobs, our marital status, our motherhood, or our sexual preferences. It's about each of us as individuals and how we love to connect, share, and report.

The next time YOU see a report on "how powerful women are becoming" in the marketplace, leave a comment and ask where the writer has been for the last... ten thousand years. Women have had and still have power in the market. I refer to Harriet Beecher Stowe, who said, "Women are the real architects of society."

'Nuff said. Don'tcha think? 


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Jen Drexler

The recent research from the American Psychological Association made me want to scream! They made a lot of fanfare to basically say that women are stressed (and more stressed than men). Really, Captain Obvious? How is that news?

We blogged about this on our site

Brigitte Mehr

Great post - women are the power house of todays society both in and out of the home and any article celebrating this is worth my time.

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