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Want a "gift" from the Good Witch? Watch the movie

By Guest Blogger Robbi Hess

CatherineBell When I first thought about reviewing a movie that was Christmas-centered I almost groaned; Halloween is hardly a memory it's too soon to think of a holiday movie, right? Well, I was wrong. By the end of the Hallmark Channel show I was yearning to put up a Christmas tree and was hoping for snowfall.

There were at least two more movies that preceded "The Good Witch's Gift" starring Catherine Bell as said "good witch." In this installment, Catherine aka Cassie is planning her wedding with the town sheriff, Jake (Chris Parker). They can't settle on a good date -- you know with Venus in retrograde and all -- so they impulsively decide on a Christmas Eve wedding. AND Christmas Eve is only six days away.

What ensues is a race against time to find a wedding location, secure a wedding license (mysteries surrounded Cassie's background of which I was not aware but made me want to see the previous installments even more!), find a caterer and a wedding cake.

There were moments in the movie in which Cassie's knowing smiles and apparently "coincidental" meetings and individuals overhearing conversations took away some of the mystery, but you know what, I didn't care. The show was about magic, love and happy endings. I might have liked a bit more of suspense in the "oh no! what's going to happen with Cassie's mysterious background and will they get the marriage license" and "what happened to the wedding ring mystery" but it was a feel good movie in which everyone felt good -- all thanks to Cassie's magic.

When the former bank robber (who served his time) returned the money to the sheriff and asked his family for forgiveness and a second chance, I was blinking back tears. Everything worked out: the wedding took place; the newly-destitute Mayor's wife, Martha, found her career; love was blossoming for Betty and the Deputy; Grandpa was going to stay in town and snow fell as the happy couple rode away in a horse drawn carriage. (whew, long sentence I know but a lot of things took place in the ending of the show)

If you didn't get a chance to see "The Good Witch's Gift" try to catch it in a rerun and if, like myself you had never seen any of the Hallmark Channel's Good Witch series, try to find them and settle in for some feel good movie time.  


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