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Dancing Elephants Gets a Work-out

Dancing-elephant Last week we had a great guest post by Laura Posey of Dancing Elephants - writing about her one-page strategic plan offering. I hope you had a chance to see it and get over to her site to download the free book. [pic here is NOT Laura's...I just thought it was a good fit]

Well, Ms. Posey is no slouch when it comes to accomplishments. Over the next 90 days she is going to participate in The Seal Team 90-Day Challenge. What, exactly, is that? I'll let Laura explain, from her most recent blog post: 

"It’s nothing new for people to set fitness and health goals as New Year’s resolutions. I’ve certainly done it enough myself over the years.

This year I’m doing something a little bit different.Posey-headshot_sm

For the past 8 months I’ve been participating, off and one, in SEAL Team Physical Training. Okay, so I’ve been more off than on much of the time. For those who don’t know, SEAL Team is exactly what it sounds like – a boot campy style workout conducted by John McQuire, a 10-year Navy SEAL, and his team of instructors. Workouts are always conducted outdoors, regardless of weather, last one hour and are based entirely on the training McQuire received in SEAL basic training.

The typical workout includes some combination of the following:

  • Pushups
  • Situps
  • Pull ups
  • Triceps dips
  • Triceps pushups
  • Crunches
  • Atomic situps
  • Supermans
  • Star jumps
  • Chase the rabbit
  • Bear Crawls
  • Crab soccer
  • Running Sprints
  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Carrying team members around

In addition, we play with telephone poles, sand bags, toboggans, filled 1-gallon jugs, ropes and various other props."

I won't spoil the rest of the post - hop over and read it yourself. I will say that I'll be following Laura's blog as she participates in this "grueling effort" and I'll share on Lip-sticking, also. Why? Because it's inspirational and exciting to watch someone you know go far beyond normal limits, to work hard and accomplish what might seem like the impossible (to me, this is impossible - there is no way I could do what Laura is doing), and because I think this effort is a testament to the power of a woman's choice.

As Laura writes about the Seal Challenge on Dancing Elephants, I'll share her words here, also. And, I'll interject my thoughts, now and then. We hope you'll participate both on this blog and on Laura's blog by telling us how it makes you feel. This is NOT your every-day kind of New Year's Resolution. As Laura notes in her recent blog post, "It is a lesson in trust, dedication and overcoming my own demons."

Sounds like something we should all be working on, don't you think?

Watch for videos - that Laura, she's a brave woman!



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