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Edgy TV Pilot: You Can Help the Female Filmmakers Succeed

Frankie-eating-lemons I received an interesting note last week. A young woman in LA wrote to tell me about a media venture she and some friends were involved in. They're putting together an "edgy TV pilot" about women and friendship and life.

Jenna, the young woman who wrote to me, said they read this blog and wondered if I'd talk about their venture - with the hopes that some of my readers might be willing to help them raise the $5000 they need to get started. Plus, this is a woman's business endeavor - something she knew I'd be interested in following.

DISCLAIMER: I don't know much about the group or the pilot. I did ask a few questions and visited their Kickstart page (where they are raising the money - all online, I think). I am interested in helping them succeed and becoming a part of this venture, if in no other way than as a part of the conversation, because we're being asked to participate at the start.

Imagine being able to be part of this fun endeavor. Imagine the learning potential - peeking inside a media start-up, watching a small group of young women create a conversation that we can all participate in (they will have a blog and will be looking for bloggers, down the road). Imagine what WEBurnside-TV-pilot  can learn and what we can teach them. Just...imagine.

Here's a description from their Kickstarter fund-raising page (you can donate just $20 - or more)...

"Women in mainstream media are represented unfairly and it needs to change. As young women working in the film and television industry, we want a show that promotes OUR idea of femininity in a tender and poetic yet unapologetic way. In response we have created and written “BURNSIDE,” a one-hour drama that not only shows every side of the real woman, but also speaks to our generation of twenty-something female firecrackers. “BURNSIDE” is a raw look into the female perspective, yet also full of inspiration and laughs. Be prepared for a ride."

If you're with us - stay tuned. If you can contribute to helping make this happen - visit the Kickstarter page for the pilot show and watch the video (kickstarter is a fund-raising program - these women need only $5000 but they have to raise it before the end of this month). 

I want you to stop and think: Is this worth my time today? Can I watch this video and share and help these women create this TV show? Am I willing to do this for a peek behind the curtain? Note that while the pilot is aimed at younger women, there will be diversity in the show (I asked) and... maybe we can help provide that diversity!

Those of us at Lipsticking are excited about this because it's new, it's edgy, it's interesting, it's going to be fun! But, it can't happen without help. Are you in? If you are, help out - share the story, spread the word, and tell us what you think.


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Jenna Lyng

Hi All!

Thanks for reading about our show. Our team is in the midst of fundraising and really appreciate you taking the time to check out our Kickstarter page to find out how you can get involved. Even the smallest donations (minimum $1) will help us make our way to the $5,000 pledge goal. However, we completely understand if you are unable to make a donation. Spreading the word is another great way to contribute to this cause. Whether by posting about us on Facebook, Twitter, or getting more blogs involved.

Feel free to send any questions about the show to [email protected]. Short link to Kickstarter:

Jenna Lyng
Executive Producer/Creator, "BURNSIDE"

Yvonne DiVita

The women in charge would love to share... would you like to communicate with them? What other forums/blogs did you have in mind? We're open to suggestion...

James Carson

I would think your idea is one that a lot of people would be involved in. Did you consider other forums/blogs as well?

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