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Let's Get Moving on the TV Pilot!

I thought I'd share some more information on the TV pilot I talked about a week ago. First, meet JennaJenna Lyng-filmmaker  Lyng - the film maker who contacted me.

"Jenna is a young filmmaker, writer, and actress currently based in Los Angeles. She graduated Emerson College in December '09 with a BFA degree in film production. For the past year, she has been working freelance in LA on various commercial, narrative, docmentary and musical video productions both in front and behind the camera. She is especially dedicated to creating strong female characters in her own work."

The pilot, Burnside, may not appeal to you - the plot is a bit focused on a younger demogrpahic - but the process of creating it and producing it seems worth following.

Problem is - without funding, it will never happen. Here's what Jenna told me and what I think is important, "The money we raise on Kickstarter will pay for everything in pre-production, productions, and pos-production that we are unable to get for free. Fortunately, we are able to get a lot for free or at a discounted price since we are young and individuals/companies will give us a break. Our budget will be focused on food, props, set dressing, equipment (although we own a fair amount), several locations Burnside-video-shot that we can't get for free, and some transportation. Some will also be used for the website and packaging our materials for pitching."

NOTE: I'm not asking anyone to contribute (unless you want to) - I am asking folks to share. Maybe you have younger female professionals who see the value of this TV pilot and might be willing to participate. The goal of $5000 is small, and should be doable. These girls are putting themselves out there to perform a creative task that many of us might wish we had done, years ago. Or, wish we could do now.

I'm curious about what would/will happen once this money is raised. If you're at all familiar with Kickstarter, they do not get anything - not a dime - unless ALL the money is raised. They are at $2826, so far. With 15 days left.

Maybe the questions to ask are: Do you think this project is worth funding? Is it frivilous or innovative? Could you see yourself in the show...or behind the scenes...or sharing it with your inner circle?

I think it's worth watching - which means, it needs a little more funding. I don't think it's frivilous  and yes, I could see myself as a visiting Aunt or one of the main character's mom... (no, that is not in the works and will never happen, it's just a fantasy I have). And, I am sharing it with my inner circle. Because I'm really curious about how a TV pilot gets made and we have an inside look... working with these girls.

On a more serious note - I truly would welcome some feedback. If you think we (Lip-sticking) is way off base and this project is not what you signed up to read about, tell me. And tell me why, if you wouldn't mind. I don't want to continue writing about it if a whole lot of people think it's just off-topic and not worth their time.

Be honest - I can take it!


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