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Marketing to Moms on Facebook

Grandma-magnet-Frankie Seems like a good idea. According to research done by Kevin Burke of Lucid Marketing and Lisa Finn, freelance writer, moms are receptive to Facebook ads when they follow the rules. The Moms' rules.

Here are the details from Kevin, himself:

"Marketers looking to harness the viral power of online social networks to connect with moms will be glad to know that most moms are receptive to marketing and advertising on Facebook. In a survey of moms who are on Facebook, nearly two-thirds (64%) said they either like ads on Facebook or feel neutral about them.  

“Facebook is fertile ground for marketers to engage mothers and drive sales, but it needs to be done on their terms. They have no time for brands that don’t ‘get it,’ but they do embrace brands that play by their rules,” said Kevin Burke, president of lucid marketing, which coauthored the research with writer Lisa Finn.

Moms gave clear direction for marketers who want to engage their attention on Facebook. Key elements of marketing effectively to moms via social networks include building clear value into promotions — such as exclusive offers for Facebook fans — and being straightforward in communications."

I'm looking at the information and wondering why it's news. No disrespect to Kevin and Lisa, they did their homework, but the fact that women want advertising on their terms, the fact that we like having exclusive offers, the fact that if you don't get it (meaning 'us') we aren't interested in your stuff, is not new. I've been touting this for over 7 years, folks.

Grandma-loves-frankie The part that is new is the recognition by brands that women are using social media for more than chatting. Kevin told me, "Moms are wary of offers that sound too good to be true and want marketers to respect their boundaries by not overloading them with updates. They welcome coupons and other ways to save money and are open to sharing their opinions and ideas with the companies they like. Moms' favorite companies on Facebook are those that help them meet the daily needs of their families: parenting websites, children's retailers, family entertainment sites, grocery stores, and restaurants."

And, I'll add - that goes for Grandmoms, too. I know...I'm one. This pic is my latest grandchild - as a newborn. The pic above is the same baby at 3 months. I just can't resist sharing.

There is a complete report at this link - Mom Reports - for only $249. You can also contact Kevin at (877)-411-MOMS .

Yes, Kevin is a friend of mine. But, this is not a paid mention.  


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