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"Will I be pretty, Mom?"

Has your daughter ever asked you that? Or, do you see the question in her eyes - and know that she will not ask it, for fear of the answer? What, really, is pretty? By whose standards? And, why do we continue to placate ourselves with this idea that "pretty" is the answer?

Over at the Women's Media Center, Sophie Turok has a post worth reading. She links to the video below... recommended viewing by Moms (and daughters) everywhere. Yes, that also means you...Auntie, and Dad, and Grandma, anyone else in your family who is or ever has jumped on the "will I be pretty?" wagon of social acceptance. [BTW, Sophie is an eighth grader... ]

**caution - one fairly 'bad' word - but really, in context, it has to be there**



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Very good video!!! The world today has created these plastic women they want us to be. Shopping, looking good, and being backdrops to cars and shows.

Growing up, my mother never focused on us being pretty. She was concerned about our education. Fun was motor cycle riding, skiing, and hiking. NEVER did we go shopping or spend a moment worrying about if we were pretty.

When my sister and I asked her if we would be pretty. Mom's response "what is pretty? What is pretty to one, may not be pretty to another. Do you really want to be judge on how pretty you are?"

For that, I am confident, pretty and smart. I might not be pretty to everyone in the world, but I am pretty for myself and that is what is important.

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