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AmyKHutchens by guest blogger, AmyK Hutchens

Ah's that time of year again. You know, the time of year when gym memberships are up, calories are down, the year in review has been replaced with excitement for the year ahead, and calendars actually look organized...well, sort-of. It's also that time of year when some of the New Year's resolutions we made start to fade. Perhaps you know what I mean - those resolutions made over a glass of bubbly that seem to disappear as fast as the bubbles? Well, this year is going to be different!

This year, my resolution is to manage my energy better! Can you hear my resolute voice?

Energy, not time, is an essential element of productivity and growth. Have you ever noticed when you have endless high-energy and excitement you are more alert, focused, positive and productive? In fact, energy is what makes time more valuable. Time is a constant; energy is a manageable, renewable resource. What's burning our energy and what refuels it? Our answers will influence our strategy for energy management within the constraints of time and how we maximize the year ahead.

So, where do we start? With the first of four types of energy - mental energy. Consider this: every thought, feeling and action expends or restores energy. Since our thoughts greatly determine our feelings, start with thoughts. Beyond all the affirmation exercises,choose thoughts that focus your energy on the pursuit of positive outcomes. It's a neurological fact that we go toward what we focus on. An empowered focus will provide a framework for effective energy management. You can start the year with, I don't have enough money in my savings account, or you can start with, This is the year I build my savings account. Either thought may be true, but the second thuoght influences your behavior and  results in a much higher probability of you saving money instead of just fretting about it.Healthy-fit-young-woman

Thoughts don't usually exist in a vacuum - they are influenced - by where, how and with whom we invest our keenly mindful of each. Find or create a place where you can simple "be"' one where you can go, virtually or actually, to release and re-set. Think of it as a "re-fueling station" and give it the import it implies. We all have people in our lives who either drain us or replenish us. While it may not be completely feasible to eliminate those who drain you, it is possible to release ourselves from the distraction they bring and focus on the replenishing essence of others in our life. A word of caution here - be mindful of which nature you bring to those in your life.

Now, what will we do with all the mental energy we'll create and sustain? Hmmm... Next month, we'll chat about the other three areas of energy focus and how when all four get the focus they deserve, we maximize the full power of engagement and our full potential!


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