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Super Bowl Sunday has gone to the dogs!

By Guest Blogger, Donna DeClemente, Donna's Promo Talk

Super-Bowl-XLVIt's that time of year again when I write about the Super Bowl and all the hoopla associated with it. I started last week with this post on my blog, Super Bowl XLV predicted to be the Digital Social Super Bowl. Since I wrote that post I already have to eat these words: "the only real question that remains is which NFC team will lose to the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLV". Now that certainly won't be the case as the Pats have been sent home for the season by the New York Jets. Surprise, surprise! The way this season's playoffs have been going I'm just glad I didn't have any big money on any of these games.

As we're all well aware, the Super Bowl is a huge marketing opportunity. The list of Super Bowl XLV advertisers isn't final yet, but the big ones are back: Budweiser, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo with Doritos and Pepsi Max, Go Daddy, Pizza Hut, Career Builder, General Motors, eTrade and more. However, a few brands that aren't advertisers will be capitalizing on the big game for the seventh year in a row. This is one program I'm surprised that I haven't written about in my past four years of covering the Super Bowl.

Puppy Bowl Animal Planet returns to the field with PUPPY BOWL VII, kicking off on Super Bowl Sunday, February 6 at 3 pm, before the big game begins! All of the animals featured in PUPPY BOWL VII come from rescues and shelters. With the help of Petfinder, they have search throughout the country to find the toughest pups to play in Animal Planet Stadium. The lineup is now assembled, the water bowls filled and the chew toys all distributed to the furry team. In a game day first, chicken cheerleaders will be clucking on the sidelines and fans will experience the field from the player’s perspective with new puppy cam technology.

Puppy Bowl Big RedThis year’s starting lineup includes puppies from the Crossing Paths Animal Rescue (Alabama), Unleashed (New York), Luvfurmutts Animal Rescue (Ohio), and from as far away as All-Star Pet Rescue (U.S. Virgin Islands) and Island Dog Inc. (Puerto Rico). They puppies range from spaniels, to pit bulls to bassets and include Big Red, a pug mix pictured here. All will vie for the title of MVP (Most Valuable Puppy).

PUPPY BOWL cameras will catch all the plays as puppies compete for first downs and end zone action. Views of the stadium will be provided by the Ice Breakers blimp and its hamster pilots. The PUPPY BOWL referee is Andrew Schechter who will be closely supervising the players and doling out any necessary “puppy penalties". “Puppies are my life," says Andrew, "but when I’m on the field, I’m there to referee and call plays fairly regardless of my personal puppy preference. It takes a strong man to maintain composure when you’re surrounded by some of the cutest pups in the business.”

Puppy Bowl even has half-time entertainment featuring this year an all-new edition of the BISSELL KITTY HALF-TIME SHOW. To kick if off, John Fulton, host of Animal Planet’s upcoming series, MUST LOVE CATS, will delight his feline fans with a rocking kitty-inspired acoustic solo performance while they shake their tails and whiskers on a glittery stage. I'm sure this will be better than watching the Black Eyed Peas again!

This is all just way too cute and something I'm going to have to watch come Super Bowl Sunday. To learn more about PUPPY BOWL VII fans can visit AnimalPlanet.com for some behind-the-scenes PUPPY BOWL moments and a chance to vote for this year’s MVP (Most Valuable Puppy). Viewers who are interested in adopting a pet in their area can visit Petfinder.com.

Stayed tuned for more Super Bowl XLV coverage in my post next week!


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