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A Vision of Beauty: Worthless Women

The ONE True Thing About ALL Women

By Mary Schmidt, Marketing Troubleshooter

Yes! Finally! The magic answer marketers the world over have so desperately sought since time began.

Here it is...

Are you ready? 

Women are different than men.

Thank you.  You may now shower me with money.  But seriously...

Or, at least a bit less irreverently...

Individual women think, act, and buy differently, as we prove every week right here with our blog posts.  Recently, we had an internal discussion about how much (or even should we?) support the young women doing an edgy TV pilot.   As one of us noted, "Are they reaching our same demographic? I thought our audience, except for Chloe, might skew a little older based on their interest in posts on Oprah, Cher, cosmetic surgery, etc."

Well, after much (good) discussion, the consensus was that we could certainly support the endeavor, as fellow women business people.  Rather our "target demographics" are the same or not...who knows?  Us old people are skewing younger every day (or trying to).  

I believe that our country is moving (albeit slowly) from defining age as your number of years to whatever you want to be, whenever. Is this due to the 80 Million boomers refusing (whining, crying, denying) to go gently into the good night?  Or, are we, collectively,  simply and finally growing up?  (However, can we be please dispense with the silliness that 50 is the new 30?  It may be mentally, but our bodies are still aging in the same - um - old way.  Hello, nice lady of a certain age  in the grocery line.  There's a reason you don't see me wearing my jeggings with a tiny top...then there are the health issues we need to address before we get "old old." I admit, I was bummed the day my doctor prescribed a  special vitamin supplement for "50+" but there are medical demographics we shouldn't ignore.)  

Regardless of how you try to slice and dice market numbers (and you can pay mondo money for all kinds of scientific data and classifications), success still boils down to providing a quality product and treating your customers with integrity and respect. And, that's the ONE true thing about everyone.  

How we make up our minds and think about your products?  Well, we're back to that one true thing about women. The (tough) magic comes from knowing your customers as people, not demographics.  


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