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Thrilling New Off-Broadway Show

Pekoe-firm-play--dead Today, I have a great offer for someone in the NY area. I was contacted by this Off-Broadway marketing firm about Play Dead - a show for those who want to add some excitement to their dates...in the form of a scary show that gets your blood boiling - my description, not theirs, to offer free tickets to the show.

It sounds like fun, to me. Here's the billboard description with some side-thoughts from me in brackets:

"Scare the pants off your man (at PLAY DEAD)! Searching for an excuse to snuggle up close to your  honey? [I don't need an excuse, do you?] Longing for the days when horror movies were actually scary enough to warrant a need to nestle your face in the comfort of your man's arms? [Actually, yes... scary movies today are either just gory or just dumb.] Look no further! Off-Broadway's newest thriller, Play Dead, will give you plenty of opportunities to scream, paw at your boyfriend in delicious fear and scare his pants off, too!110119_V5_PD_Logow-Credits_GreatDate

"The show takes a slightly more mysterious road than what's generally seen on, off, or anywhere near the Great White Way.

"Co-writer Todd Robbins stars as the audience's storytelling guide on an evening exploring death, darkness and deception. [My kinda show - too bad I can't go!] Magician, comedian and dark arts expert Teller is the director and other co-writer. Their collarboration and combined knowledge and expertise in the underworld promise to take the audience into unchartered supernatural waters, making sure that your next date night will be loaded with haunting surprises, plenty of nervous laughter and more than one occasion to cling to that hottie sitting next to you and find out what really happens when the lights go out!"

Honestly, the description seems a bit over the top and doesn't give me enough information, but... the graphic is pretty compelling. Don't you think?

I have two free tickets to give away. To the first person who leaves a comment and gives me a really good reason they should get to go see this. And, who promises to come back and report on the show.

You're on, folks. Who is going to step up? Hey, if you don't want the tickets, but know someone who does... send'em along. All they have to do is comment and tell me why they deserve the tickets and promise to come back to give a report.



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My daughter Kelsey is a drama major at the Tisch School at NYU and would love to go to this show. So if I could have the tickets I could take her. Thanks.

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