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10 Tips to Fully Utilize Facebook's New Page Design

By Guest Blogger, Donna DeClemente, Donna's Promo Talk

Last week I wrote this post that included tips on engaging fans on Facebook. It was a subject that I spoke about the following night to a local Chamber of Commerce group, so it was timely for me. I had promised to follow up this week and write about the new Facebook page design. Last week it was so new that I hadn't had time to play around with it yet.

FB-New_PagesOverall I do think the changes are positive and much needed. People will always complain about change. Facebook members shared their dismay when Facebook changed the profile page design a few months ago. Now it seems like it's been around forever. So, if you're a page admin here are a few steps you need to take quickly.

1. Upgrade you page - If you haven't yet take the "Preview Tour" and upgrade your page. It's voluntary now, but as of March 10th all pages will automatically be moved to the new design and they're permanent once that happens. If you are the admin to several Facebook pages then you received an email from Facebook announcing the change with an invite to upgrade all you pages with one click. Of course you don't have to upgrade all at once. Try out each by just visiting the page itself and clicking the preview button.


2. Review the photos featured on top - Just like when FB upgraded the profile pages, they automatically picked some photos from your photo file and placed them here. Just put your cursor over each photo and you'll see a small x in the right hand corner of the photo appear. Click on that x and it will hide that photo and replace it with another. If you're still not happy with the photo selection than you probably need to upload some new photos to your file and make sure they are cropped appropriately.

3.  Check out your Page's tabs - They're no longer tabs and they've moved to the left hand side of the page. This is the change that I originally didn't like much because I use the tabs for companies that want to run sweepstakes and contest promotions through an application on the Page. However, I just learned that the switch means we're no longer limited to short, one or two word titles for these apps. Now we can now give these apps more thorough titles. To change them, click "Edit Page," then "Apps," then "Go to App" and you'll be able to change the name. 







4. Pick your "Featured Likes" - 

We've been able to add "Favorite Pages" to our Page. Now this is changing to "Featured Likes" which will display other Pages that your Page has "Liked." To showcase Featured Likes you first have to activate it in the "Featured" tab of your Page settings which will then show up to five "Liked" pages at a time. This ability to now Like as a Page means that us Page Admins don't have to personally Like a Page and instead a Page can do the Liking. This means it will not clutter up our own personal news feed.

5. Add "Featured Page Owners" - While activating the "Featured Like" we are also invited to add yourself as a Featured Page Owner. I find this an interesting addition that many will "like" and of course others won't. So if you don't want the public to know your an admin (or someone on your team is) you don't have to add them. Featured Page owners are now displayed on the right side of the wall.

6. Set your Page's category and subcategory - Prior to the change FB asked us to select a category for the page when we first set it up and we were stuck with it. Now, we can not only set any category, but can also select a more specific subcategory, which will change what kind of info is included in your Page's description. To do this click "Edit Page," then "Basic Information" to select your category and subcategory. Your page has probably been defaulted to the first subcategory in an alphabetic list which is "Appliances." So you need to change that.

7. Set your wall preference: Fans too or just you? - Page admins have always had the option to keep fan comments off the wall. So if you had chosen this preference before, when you upgrade the page appears to automatically go the "Everyone" setting. This means you may want to re-select the option for "Posts by Page Only" in the "Manage Permissions" tab.

However another change Facebook has made is how it sorts the posts from "Everyone" on the page. It has implemented an algorithm similar to News Feed that displays them based on who left them (if you’re friends with someone who left a comment on a Page, you’ll see that on top), how much engagement the comments have received, and whether the comment is left in a language you understand. So this will take some getting used to.

8. Check your e-mail notification settings for fan comments - After the announcement came out on the new page design I noticed that I was getting all these email notifications that someone had posted a comment on one of the Pages that I'm an admin for. Appears one of the other Admins had already upgraded this page to the new design and it defaults to a setting that e-mails you when a fan comments. If you have multiple pages with multiple admins (like I do), this is not good. I also read that the setting seems to default to "off" if the Page is large meaning it has around 10,000+ Likes. To check your settings go to "Edit Page," then "Your Settings." You'll see options for E-mail Notifications and then click to open "Change email settings for individual Pages." Funny how FB has hidden this change.

9. Post as Yourself on a page you admin - This is a new option I like. I've wanted to comment in the past on a post from another Page admin, but it looked strange coming from the "Page". Under "Your Settings" in the "Edit Page" screen, we can select whether to "Always comment and post on your page as (PAGE NAME) even when using Facebook as (YOUR NAME)." Then we can select to log in as the Page itself or just ourselves which lets us go from being an individual person to a Page person.

10. Set your moderation and profanity blocklists - This feature actually launched just before the new Page Design, but thought I'd include it as well. Both settings can be found under "Manage Permissions." The obscenity filter is automated, but you can select from three options: None, Medium or Strong. Facebook uses its collection of "reported" words to build these filters. Moderation blocklists allow you to set specific words you don't want mentioned on your Page such as a competitor or something else. It gives us the option.

I would love to hear from those of us out there that are Page admin and have now had a chance, like I have, to start playing around with the new Page design and functionality. If you're not a Page admin and have a general comment about the design, please feel free to share it as well. In today's online, real-time world, it's a constant struggle to keep up with the changes. But it does keep it interesting.


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Donna DeClemente

You can replace them with another photo, but can't delete totally. Still need to have 5 in the photo strip. Thanks for the feedback.

Jennifer Filgate

Thanks! Didn't know you could remove photos from the top!

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