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And the Survey says...

Having-fun We're in a "ME-covery" - not a "RE-covery."

According to a note sent to me this week, Saatchi Wellnes & Health (Time, INC.) conducted a survey that shows "women are taking control of their well-being following the blahs of the recession through what they are buying and how they are shopping."

Interesting. Don't you think?

Here's what the email said (they offered an interview with Managing Director Ned Russell - if you like,I can conduct one to answer questions you'd like me to ask him)...

The online survey, which generated nearly 1000 responses [were you one? I wasn't] from adult women across the U.S., found that although 92% still feel negatively impacted by the economy, 64% are committed to making a positive change and taking better care of themselves by eating right, staying physically fit, looking good to feel good, and having fun.

Here are some of the survey points:

54% of respondents are buying more health food [I am, are you?], with 47% choosing to buy organic foods more often, despite the extra expense and continued economic uncertainty. [well... I won't go that far...]

74% of the people who were most affected by the economy reported they are buying less fast food than in 2009. [oh yes- we've cut so far back on fast food, I don't even know where the local spots are!]Girls-go-green

48% of respondents are committed to working out more on their own and are getting inspriation and motivation online with music, workout videos and interactive gaming systems. [we walk the dogs - 'nuff said.]

86% of respondents are doing more online health research on their own (up 47 points from 2009) and 79% now see their doctor regularly (up 21 points). [well... I visit blogs for my 'research' and... I have a pre-existing condition so healthcare is spotty - I am seeing my dr less]

"The "Me-Covery' is about women taking matters into their own  hands and becoming self-empowered to make real changes in the way they live. They're not only being healthier physically, but are living with a healthier, more positive attitude," said Johanna Skilling, Chief Strategy Officer at Saatch & Saatchi Wellness. "Marketers, in turn, should re-examine the way they are talking to and engaging women during this important and exciting time for female consumers."

Yawn! Really, Johanna? Haven't women always taken matters into their own hands? Haven't we always been in charge of the medicine cabinet? Do you have to use PR speak when you're talking about the way women today are stronger, more focused, and more powerful than ever before?

I guess this kind of survey and reporting is helpful. I just don't find it surprising. I find it... interesting. I am encouraged by this, however... "The 'Me-Covery' indicates a new consumer era has begun and at its core is how people treat themselves," said Ned Russell, managing director of Sattchi & Saatchi Wellness. "Unlike one year ago, when in the grip of the Great Recession [oh, please... the "great recession"...that was a whole lotta years ago, Ned] consumers defined their own wellness mostly in terms related to economic security, today they're defining wellness through lifestyle choices that have them feeling and looking better. We're seeing a pronounced lifestyle shift that we believe will have longevity."

All hail the new woman - a product of strength and purpose.


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