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How To Workout (or do anything else) for 30-Days Straight

Situps-in-the-dark by guest blogger, Laura Posey

It is no secret that over 90% of New Year's resolutions fail. I'd guess that when the resolution is to workout every day, the failure rate is even higher.

But here I am 34 days after starting my SEAL Team 90-Day Challenge and I've not missed a single day. Not even crappy weather, traveling and soreness have derailed me.

What I've learned in this first 30 days has spilled over into other parts of my life as well. I've been much more productive at work, gotten more home chores done and I've even taken more time to play in the last month.

So, what are the secrets?

1. Getting started is really the hardest part - The most difficult part of working out is the distance from the front door to the car. Once I'm in the car, I know I'm going to get to the park to workout.

I find it is the same thing in the office. There is always something I don't want to do that I know is good for my business long-term. I usually make a deal with myself that I'll do it for 20 minutes and then I can quit. Just like the workout, once I get started, I'll keep going because I discover it wasn't so bad after all.

2. Accountability matters - One of the reasons I go to SEAL Team each morning is because I made commitment to myself to workout for 90 consecutive days. Another reason I go is because my friends there will give me an endless amount of grief I don't show up. They are as committed to my success in this program as I am. That accountability to them is priceless.

At work, I don't have anyone to answer to except my clients. That means I can get things done at the last minute without anyone being the wiser. However, I have found it very beneficial to have accountability partners who hold my feet to the fire to get important tasks done ahead of time.

Failing that, I put artificial deadlines in place and reward myself for getting them done. It's like getting a Hoo Yah! from my teammates and it works wonders.

3. "No" is not an option - This challenge has made me commit to myself on a deeper level than any I've experienced. When you take the word "no" out of the list of possible options, new possibilities for saying "yes" open up. There are many ways to get my butt to a workout, regardless of the inconveniences, excuses or obstacles, when the only option is "how" not "if".

It is incredible what else I have accomplished and what other barriers I have blasted through since deciding that "no" is not an option. My creativity is being tapped in new ways and I'm finding better solutions for working with clients, colleagues and friends. It is like I have opened up a limitless new vein of ideas that are accessible anytime, anywhere.

So, what are you going to commit to doing for 30 days?


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Rick Henkin

Making that commitment to yourself is key. We avoid doing so many things because we think they're going to be too hard. And then when we actually do them, we find that the reality is nothing like we imagined.

Also, by making the effort, we find that we become stronger for the next challenge. I love that life works that way.

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