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In My Brazen Opinion...

Kate Hutchinson is a genius. Kathleen-Hutchinson[it's Kate not Kathleen! My bad...I do not know why I thought it was Kathleen! doh!]

Kathleen Kate and I met via Twitter. Don't you meet the very best people on Twitter? (broke a cardinal writing rule there - used the word 'very'...but, seriously, folks, it's okay in a limited fashion...so, very it is) Kate started following me and I followed back and that's what you do on Twitter (as long as the person following you is worth following back)...and lo! and behold! she sent me a provocative DM.

She said, "What do you think of the term In My Brazen Opinion? I'm tired of being humble." Well, something like that. When I read her DM I actually took my fingers off the keyboard and stared at her sentence... then I wrote back, "I LOVE IT!"

I do love it. I am going to use it a lot. You should, too. Yes, you should.

Here's what Kathleen says on her Social Media/Marketing blog:

"...I thought about another self-inflicted put-down used so often on the Internet: IMHO. This acronym translates to 'In My Humble Opinion.' Go search Twitter right now for these four letters. You'll pull up a string of tweets on everything from Colin Firth's performance in The King's Speech to the complexity of bioethics... all of them qualified with IMHO.

"(Interestingly enough, IMHO is not limited to women users. I'd love to have the time to sample a cross-section of tweets and find out which gender uses the acronym most.) I'm fed up with people not taking responsibility for their opinions. As I posted today:

Twitter _ @Kate Hutchinson_ I_m boycotting the phrase ...





And so, I'm lobbing this out there - let's make it a movement, a hastag! #IMGO! Stop qualifying your opinions and be brazen about them. If we can't lay claim to our own opinions, what can we lay claim to?" Women_in_business

Indeed, Kate! From now on it's In My Brazen Opinion for me. Ladies...are you with me? I'm talking to Mary and Lena and Robbi and AmyK and Donna and Chloe and Toby and Marianne and Nettie and Michele and Holly and ALL the women who read Lip-sticking (including you, Caren).

In my brazen opinion, women need to stand up and be counted for our amazing creativity, our intelligence, our friendship, our beauty, and our writing. Be brazen - be counted. We owe it to our daughters, don't we?


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If Egypt and Wisconsin are indicators, it's time for common sense to prevail and to be brazen about it.

Kate Hutchinson

I adore the phrase "let's have a party and learn something"!

Thanks so much, Yvonne and Zane for your enthusiastic support.

Zane Safrit

Rock on, you two! I love it!

If you're going to say something, say it loud, say it proud!.

A big important branding expert once said "If you're not pissing somebody off with your brand's message, you're probably not saying anything worth hearing."

Speak up. Have an opinion. Say it. Own it. Be right. Be wrong. Let's have a party and learn something.

Thanks for this.

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