Could You Be Rushing the Sale?
So was Super Bowl XLV really a Social Super Bowl?

Passion, Business and Building High Performance Organizations

Lee Thayer, one of my mentors in the business of creating high performance organizations, talks about the passion of building a business. His answer to those who use the stock idea, "Have a passion and you will succeed"... is: "Be had by your cause." Hear what he says in this podcast and come back for more leadership and Lee Thayer discussion in the coming weeks. [sorry about the abrupt ending...we'll do better in future!] to us - what do YOU have to say about leadership, passion and being had by a cause?

NOTE: Lee is also a client. Check out his Leadership books at WME Books.



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Amanda Ponzar

Passion is important -- when we are passionate, we innovate, we strive to do better and we're more creative. This almost always leads to success. Passionate people also make better bosses as they care about the work and the people and can get others fired up and motivated for the cause. I can't imagine going through life feeling hum-ho about anything. Thanks for sharing this.

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