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Tampons Keep Girls Healthy

Now you're probably wondering, in regard to the title, "Tampons keep girls healthy? What? "How so?"

Well, Playtex Sport (a well known brand of tampons designed specifically for physically active girls) has just come out with a new Facebook application called Unstoppable Moves. With this application, girls from all over the world can join in by uploading a 10-second video of them or a group of friends moving across the shot from left to right in their "unstoppable way" (this could be doing a particular sport:  playing, dancing, dressing up and being silly -- whatever they want to do).

It promotes a healthy, active lifestyle for young women and encourages daily exercise and loving your body. And another really great thing about the app is that for every video uploaded, Playtex Sport donates $5 to the Women's Sports Foundation. There's also an option to upload a photo and create it into a photo mosaic. For every photo mosaic created, $1 is donated to the Women's Sports Foundation.

Eating%20Disorders%20%20%20Diving As well as doing an honorable thing of donating to a women's charity, it was a great idea on Playtex Sport's behalf to branch into Social Media. It's a great way to reach a huge amount of young women, promoting to a bigger audience the sharing advantages of being active for a young healthy body--and, most of all making it fun. (Read the top 7 benefits of regular physical activity here).

I'm going to upload a video of me moving in my "unstoppable way." I don't know what it will be yet. Maybe dancing or gymnastics or just plain having fun.

I encourage you to join in on Unstoppable Moves, too. Take some time to let your teenage daughter know about the benefits of daily exercise. The more young women are shown loving and promoting being physically active, the more young women will be motivated to exercise regularly and increase their health. Not only is it fun to participate and showcase your talent, it's also fun to watch!

I was watching the uploaded videos on the app, of gymnasts, dancers, snow boarders, soccer players, and girls just goofing around in funny costumes. They also have some coupons on the app, which is an added bonus for those who like freebies! So go check it out!

Remember: stay active, stay healthy, and love your body!


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Jim Richardson

Thanks for bringing up this great subject. Growing up in the 60's and 70's, menstruation was still sort of looked at as a curse of sorts. Also, for certain during that period physical activity waned, including some school activities. It's great to see the promotion of continued exercise and fitness programs. Of course, these days the protection that's available also lends to it. Tampons, of course, playing a crucial part. I'm very impressed that Playtex is offering to make donations for videos and/or photo mosaics. All of this lends to a healthier, more productive young adulthood. And, hopefully will translate those attributes into full maturity as well. Thank you for hosting such a positive topic.

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