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A Milkshake a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Guest post by Chloe Spencer 


You may be thinking, in regards to the title, how in the heck do milkshakes keep the doctor away? Well, maybe not in literal terms, but when referring to the newly launched non-profit, Milkshake, communities in third world countries and in places suffering because of disease or disaster all over the globe are helped through all sorts of different causes using this new site. Charities on Milkshake also include causes to help the environment, abused animals, and people making a difference.

I love eco-friendly shopping and discovering new creative causes, and I came across Milkshake after it was mentioned to me by a friend. I took a liking to their site and what they were doing, so I got an interview with the founders, and I incorporated all their answers into an article to share with all my readers on Lipsticking.

So, what is Milkshake?

Milkshake is a company that finds all sorts of eco-friendly and charitable products and causes and lets you know about them by featuring them on their website, or you can sign up for their daily email newsletter including great green finds that give back.

On their site, I discovered many cool items for good causes that caught my interest. For example, watches made from wood that partners with American Forests and plants one tree for every watch purchased, and bracelets made out of used car tires with beads stitched onto them handmade by the women of Umoja, Kenya -- all proceeds go towards their village schools and maintenance.

Milkshake is basically going out and finding great causes and products that help our environment and our less fortunate, and delivering them to you -- basically doing all the work, research, as well as going out and meeting with the charities to determine their legitimacy. All you need to do is check your email every day.

So who is behind all this goodness?

The founders of Milkshake are Pam Caffray and Amy Jurkowitz, who together created the idea and website, and launched Milkshake in January, 2011. Why did they call the company Milkshake? Because milkshakes are GOOD. Simple as that.

And their aim with Milkshake is to bring you everything GOOD. All while maintaining a fun approach that entices readers to take part in doing good while discovering fun new products, awesome vacations that are for good causes, or great food ideas for the bettering of our planet. Milkshake-founders

Pam and Amy's plans for Milkshake are big -- they aim to have a Milkshake daily email in every country and have millions of readers. They want Milkshake to form a foundation that donates to the charities and causes they feature, and eventually have a Milkshake award to present to companies they believe made an admirable difference. Milkshake is still in its baby stage, undergoing its launch just two months ago, so help out by promoting this great creation and take part by subscribing to their daily email.

Every email will feature a new product, restaurant, storefront, travel destination, cause, or person, that give back in some way, almost always linked to a cause.

In each email, after the featured find will be a call-to-action button, that you can click to get directed to the actual cause to learn more and get involved. You can check out Milkshake and subscribe to their daily email on their homepage at

Milkshake is also on Facebook, where they feature regular giveaways of their favorite finds. So if you like free stuff that saves our planet and helps our struggling communities, be sure to check it out at! I asked the founders a last question at the end of our interview; what advice they would give to those wanting to go green but feel it is too expensive. They answered,

"More than going green, we are encouraging readers to 'go good.' It is our responsibility to take care of the planet for future generations -- and this goes far beyond creating environmental sustainability -- we must also find a way to sustain our communities. This is what Milkshake is all about -- the connectivity of GOOD. Right now some companies, products, travel-based businesses have a social conscience and care about giving back to the greater good. But in time, we feel this way of thinking will be incorporated into most everyone's ethos. There is no better feeling than giving back, and the philanthropic lifestyle is here to stay. Plus it is not expensive at all to give back -- in fact it does not have to cost anything to integrate giving into your daily life -- you can volunteer, be an advocate or donate things you no longer need to be recycled for good. But if you do want to buy, Milkshake can help you discover products and lifestyle solutions that give back at various price points; a beautifully handcrafted $7 bracelet made from rubber tires to benefit the development of a village in Kenya, or switch to a different granola bar to enjoy delicious organic ingredients AND support tree planting initiative. It is all about choice -- and all of these little tidbits can add up to a world of GOOD!"


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