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Do You Have the Marketing "Maturity" to Pass Up Good for Great?

Guest post by Lena L. West, Social Media Strategist

Lena_west_closecrop Passing up good for great is a concept that was first introduced to me by Cheryl Richardson in her book, Stand Up for Your Life. If you haven't read this book, take some time to read it. This book was what helped me create boundaries around my life - especially who has access to me and when...but that's another post, for another time (I ALWAYS say that, right?!)

Anywhoooom, I was the afternoon keynote at the MACs Women's Summit on March 26th (if you didn't attend, it was spectacular BTW, and I FINALLY got to meet Shawna Marie - she has such GREAT, CLEAN energy). While I was on stage, someone asked a really good question that I wanted to share with all of you.

Many of you know that I recommend posting to your blog AT LEAST three times a week. Once a week is a newsletter and once a month? Well, that's a magazine.

When I shared my suggestion on blog posting frequency, someone asked, "Can I start with two posts a week and work my way up?"

And, normally I'm a "toughie", but my reply, was, "Yes, provided that three times a week is your GOAL and you actually post TWO times per week." The operative part of that sentence is: three times a week needs to be your goal.

Here's the thing: my life's work is to make sure that women business owners and women business leaders expand their influence, increase their income and ROCK the becoming "social media ninjas", and what I DON'T want to happen is to set the bar soooo high, they feel it's unreachable from where they currently are OR the feel like they have to produce content so often that their posts are watered-down, rehashed advice that can be found anywhere online...phoning it in.

Don't don't phone it in. I would much rather you take Cheryl Richardson's advice to heart -- pass up just having a good blog, for having a GREAT blog...and if that means you need to start off slow to make sure what you produce is GREAT, then I'm all for it...just don't dawdle ;-)


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@Jurrell: One way you can stay consistent even when you're busy with client work it to pre-write a few blog posts to "tide you over" when things get busy. This way you can keep blogging without losing your momentum.

@John: You asked for the main roadblock and then said "not enough time doesn't count", so I don't know what to tell you -- you just annexed the main reason.

Thanks to you both for reading and commenting.

Jurrell Kemp

I can't speak for everyone else but I normally post every three to four days unless my clients are stacked up because I run a company building websites but I love to blog and be socially involved at the same time but when I do post I don't like to fluff my content that much because to me that would be decreasing the value of it. trade good for great.

John Newland

Hi. For women getting into business blogging, what do you see as the main roadblock to posting 3-5 times per week? Not enough time doesn't count!

Thanks for all you do.

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