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Don’t miss out on your $1 million

By Amanda Ponzar

$1M Did you know the median annual earnings of a high school dropout (over 25 years old) is only $19,500 but those completing high school earn over $27k, college graduates earn $48k and those with grad degrees almost $63k? That’s ONE MILLION DOLLARS (yes, Dr. Evil!) difference over a lifetime that college grads earn over high school grads.

(Plus, nearly 75% of state prison inmates did not complete high school. Make that one million and one reasons to study harder.)

So, just as our parents and teachers told us, education matters. (I posted on this after seeing Waiting for Superman.)  

Want to see more cool stats like this $1M? Want to know how YOUR community is doing on income levels, murder rates, unemployment and incarceration? Wonder and worry no longer! Just check out the Common Good Forecaster

Fairfax County, VA is looking pretty good! Washington, DC and Baltimore, not so good.

What about YOUR community?

This national forecaster tool allows you to see where your community is but also where it could be with improved educational performance –- more people graduating high school, etc. Education affects everything from low baby birth weight to voting. Check it out for yourself. And if this motivates you to action, why not volunteer to be a reader/tutor/mentor and help more young people graduate?

(Photos: $1M dollar bills, sort of)


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Kate, sorry to hear your frustration and thanks for speaking out. I completely understand as we are still paying student loans too. Another post of mine talks about this very thing -- that maybe not everyone should go to college as options exist from trades to military to starting your own business to ???:


But the problem is that the 1 million dollars isn't a reward that you get at the end. With the rising cost of tuition, you end up putting all your earnings back into your student loans. This is how I am 30 years old with 3 degrees and $50 K in student loans, which equal over half my monthly mortgage payment. I'm lucky to be married and live in a dual income household, but not everyone is.

I wish people would tell more kids to become plumbers, electricians, or go into trades where they can make decent money without plunging into debt to get a job.

< / rant >

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