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It's Thanksgiving Time - Or, I Wish It Was Thanksgiving Time!

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I know, it's only April and we haven't even hit Easter, yet. But, we're already thinking about Thanksgiving.

Here's why: my family does it up big on Thanksgiving. All tolled, when the ENTIRE family gets together we have 5 Generations of women, over 70 people (including babies, someone always has a new baby - this year it's my daughter), and a whole lot of 'friends' who attend. And yes, everyone brings something. Can you say AMAZING FOOD???!!!???

Over the years, as the family has grown, the only way we can all get together is to rent a hall!

This year, the family is eager to bring everyone together again because it's actually been a few years since we have had a big Thanksgiving. A bunch of people have moved (I'm one) and some others have drifted off to in-laws' for the Thanksgiving holiday. We're hoping that this year we can pull everyone back in to having that one great big celebrations, full of fun, food, and frivolity. After all, Mom and Dad aren't getting any younger.Mom-Dad-Westover

The Thanksgiving tradition is one all of our kids (and grandkids) speak fondly of. No one ever has any bad words to say, although I can remember a few fall-outs that were pretty bad (at the time). The kids really appreciate the opportunity to play with cousins and hold the new babies. They love the treasure of family hugs, being together with folks who love you no matter what, and being able to run all over the church hall - just having a rip-roaring good time. It's sad that we don't do it every year, anymore, but time marches on and sometimes you have to improvise.

To that end, now that we don't live in NY anymore, we do try to keep the tradition alive by having Thanksgiving with family here in CO - my daughter and her in-laws. And, we bring certain family recipes with us. One thing we always do is a big breakfast the day of Thanksgiving (like we're not going to stuff our faces all day anyway!). Breakfast is a fun event - it starts as soon as the kids rouse their parents, and lasts until it's time to start cooking for dinner. Mind you, the turkey and ham are both in the oven well before that!

I'll bet everyone does breakfast similar to us - lots of pancakes or waffles. Lots of eggs. Lots of syrup. We did use Log Cabin so it was easy to agree to this post. Memories of those breakfasts bring back the smell of Grandma's kitchen, back in the day. I can still see it - the kitchen all warm and cozy. My kids and their cousins jockeying for space at the table. Pancakes grilling on the stove. The kids fighting over who gets to pour the syrup first. And, of course, syrup all over the table cause once you start pouring... sometimes you just forget to stop! OMG!

Maybe this Thanksgiving will be like ones of old. Maybe we'll have EVERYONE there. I am day-dreaming about it right now!


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