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Who the HELL greenlighted this?!

Guest post by Lena L. West, Social Media Strategist

Lena_west_closecrop I have been wanting to blog about this for weeks now! Al fin!

Every now and then you see a commercial and you wonder, "Who the HELL greenlighted this?!"

My pick of the litter recently are the Swiffer commercials. The ones that depict women as little pieces of bitter, desperate, easily-swayed dirt who abandon their friends on a whim and are just sitting around waiting for someone to "pick them up". Really? No, really?

I really don't much care that there are other commercials that were released using men in similar roles.

If you haven't seen them, check it out. I don't have much to say except:

  1. Who the HELL greenlighted these commercials?!
  2. This is EXACTLY why I'll continue to buy the store brand of static wipes. Humph.

and, here's the other "offender":


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