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Women May Take Over... "May"???

Yvonne-trans I'm fairly amused by stories like this. How about you?

"Women may soon be in charge of the American economy" as reported in the Richmond Times-Dispatch (love their font, it's one of my favs!)

 To quote, "In the knowledge-based global economy, highly trained and educated women can be expected to take on larger roles in the American workplace — including leading more businesses."

The point is to announce that women are shattering the glass ceiling. It's all very interesting since we shattered the glass ceiling decades ago. Yes, there are still some companies lagging behind and still some 'good old boys' hanging on to mid-20th century thinking that promoted women as good typists and great at making coffee - oh, and if she's not "hard on the eyes" that makes it all the better. But, it's a fading memory, these days. Women my age have put it to rest. And younger women aren't tolerating it.

I think today's reality must be recognized. Citing stats, as they do in the article ("women-owned 
   businesses contribute nearly $3 trillion to the national economy and create or maintain 23 million jobs - according to research by the Center for Women's Business Research in McLean.") is impressive - who doesn't like to hear news like that? But, the fact that women have more or less always been in charge, more or less always managed the household expenses (Dr. Mom, CEO of the kitchen, living room, bedrooms and bath; VP of the garage and basement...with veto privileges on anything bought for those areas) and many times also worked outside the home, is more powerful than the stats pundits throw around like pudding in a food fight.Applause-for-all

Let's also put to bed that oft-repeated criticism, "When they [women] start competing for the really good jobs...that's when the gender issues still come into play." Or, when things go south, because not enough women hold high-level corporate positions. Primarily, IMBO, because they don't want to.

I have to ask, when haven't we been competing? For the record, I'm not interested in a high-level job at a Fortune 500 brand. I'm happy as Co-founder of BlogPaws and President of WME, companies I created to serve the people I hang out with the most: other women.

To continue to devalue the contribution thousands of women make every day - at home, in small businesses, and at their desks where they 'serve' the Corporate Higher Ups, is to ignore the power women have always had. IF... and I say "IF"... just 50% of the women in the national workforce called in sick on the same day - women not necessarily in high-paying corporate jobs - the country would go into a tailspin and take weeks to recover. Why? Because it's women whose job it is to keep the doors open, the lights on, and the phones ringing, everywhere.

So, I ask you... is "may" take over the right way to position women as power houses, today? How's this, "Women (of all ages and backgrounds) are not to be trifled with any longer. WE know our self-worth. Stay tuned world... We'll make sure you get the message, loud and clear." Leadership involves more than adding a few letters after your name, or flying a fancy jet around the world, or saying you believe in certain things... Leadership requires action and participation.  Women do it in droves, every day.

Let's write a treatise that explains our leadership goals of saving the world, saving the planet, saving each other. The more women we get to read it and take action, the less we'll see of articles that say we "may" do this or that, when we have already done it.

Do you agree? Disagree? Why or why not?  


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Maureen Berkner Boyt

I just posted a blog on the very subject of being in the business world, and how things are ‘good enough’ for women right now. Things are just good enough that they are killing us in terms of forward progress.

Please take a look and help women get out there and rock their moxie!

Rick Henkin

I just finished watching "Made in Dagenham" about the women working at the Ford automobile plant in England in the 1960's and early 70's. It was about equal pay for equal work. I just don't understand the thinking that devalues one gender's contribution just because they're female. You're so right in your suggestion that everything would come to a stop if women just walked off the job for a day.

I'm a man, but to me, those men that still hold on that antiquated way of thinking are not doing it because they really believe that women aren't up to the task, but because they know they are and they're insecure about themselves.

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