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World's Largest Rummage Sale

by Yvonne DiVita BetheChange

When you have an easy opportunity to do something good, do you take it?

Here's one - over at the BlogPaws site, the fantastic women of Be the Change for Pets have issued a challenge. This challenge is primarily for pet people but - I believe all women (and men) can participate. It's designed to give back to our needy animal shelters and rescues.

The idea is simple: it's time for spring cleaning so while you're gathering all that 'stuff' you no longer want or need (one woman's junk is another woman's treasure, folks), why not consider sharing your bounty with your local animal shelter or rescue? How?

Well - sell your stuff on ebay or etsy or craig's list, join our little linky list group and then take the proceeds to your favorite animal shelter.

Here's ALL the information.

Here's the linky list (this can help grow traffic to your blog, also... BlogPaws is primarily women and they love meeting new folks).

Here's the Facebook page.

Don't have anything to sell? Shop, shop, shop - knowing every penny will save a life. Maybe a four-legged life but that puppy, kitten or other pet could be the saving grace of a child or a woman in need. Pass it on... Spread the word! And, thank you!



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good,good,good,it's worth.

Paula Saardchit

Oh my gosh. What a fantastic idea. I wish I would have found this earlier. Let me see what I have around the house to sell on e-bay.

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