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Employee Engagement: I Couldn’t Have Said It Better

By Guest Blogger Sybil F. Stershic

Engaging employees in the workplace continues to be a hot topic with regularly posted social media   5526424073_dc68a19000 content (including mine), conferences, webinars, an online Employee Engagement Network, even a new professional certification initiative – all advocating engagement’s positive impact on workplace morale and productivity.

The need for effective employee engagement remains critical in both challenging and good economic times. Much of what has been written and shared on engagement continues to be as relevant as ever – evident in several of my favorite quotes on the subject:

“Thank you can never be said enough, especially now … Acknowledging not only the environment that key employees are now facing but also their individual contributions to success is a great way to keep employees focused on a positive work experience rather than an external labor market.” – Mel Van Dyke, Maritz Consultant, 2008

“It is the talent in an organization that brings its brand to life. If the talent are no longer happy, if they are concerned about their own welfare, or they’ve hunkered down to stay out of sight, the brand may be on its last breath as well. And when the brand is struggling to survive, the impact is on the customer experience.”
- Valarie Willis, 2009

Treating your internal customers like rock stars goes beyond providing red M&M’s and Dom Perignon. But that’s a good start.”  - Joe Heuer, author of The Rock and Roll Guide to Customer Loyalty 2010





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Donna Hosfeld

Agree! A business is only as good as it's team. Appreciation of a job well done, of ideas created, of passion engaged is what makes the work world go around!

Having a work environment that is fun, inspiring and able to enthuse your staff doesn't happen without thought. But once it's rolling, it's a force of it's own. Nothing else like it. Pure magic!

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