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Making my lips more kissable, youthful and plump? I'm ready for the challenge!

By Guest Blogger Robbi Hess

In the face of full disclosure, let me start this post by saying I am addicted and more than a little bit 2401775618_f665ede221 obsessive compulsive when it comes to using lip balm. My lip balm of choice for several years had been Chapstick's Botanical Berry Shimmer, unfortunately it has been discontinued but I have scoured many stores and picked up their stock so I should be good for a few months. 

I am not certain when the OCD relationship with lip balm began. It most likely started because I don't like the look or feel of chapped lips and because I like to walk in all seasons I found the need to keep my lips hydrated. Then it progressed from having to slather it on when I went out to the car and now, as soon as my hand touches a door knob to go outside, my Chapstick is uncapped and ready to protect my lips! 

Whew, so in light of this disclosure, when I was approached by a PR spokesperson from 3LAB asking if I'd like to review their new product, "3LAB Perfect Lips," there was no hesitation. I waited and paced until the package came -- I mean, this could be the product that will help me out when my supply of Botanical Berry runs out.

The marketing information that came with Perfect Lips states that, "maintaining naturally youthful looking lips is an on-going battle and concern in the anti-aging arena." (Well, that and remaining a kissable lip level!) So, anyway, the marketing information continues, "this luxuriously hydrating and plumping lip treatment is infused with ...groundbreaking stem cell and bio-engineered growth hormone technology and ingredients." That didn't mean too much to me other than I was imagining soft, smooth, plump lips!

The test came when I was heading out with Henrietta for our trek around the cemetery. Normally I slick on my Berry balm as soon as I get in the car and then again after we get to the cemetery before we start walking. I pulled out the tube of Perfect Lips and slicked some on. It had a good "flavor" and a great feel on my lips -- not waxy or too liquidy (think lip gloss).  Even through a three-mile trek of puffing and panting up and down the hills in the cemetery, Perfect Lips stayed with me for the whole walk and my lips still felt moist. Plus! 

I've been wearing Perfect Lips for a few days now and while I haven't noticed whether it's making my lips look younger and more youthful, I know it is a more luxurious feeling than my Berry balm and I feel like I am "treating" my kisser rather than just covering it up. 

The suggested retail for the product is $40 -- much more pricey than my usual lip cover, but if I find it helps keep my lips more youthful and plump, it could very well be my new product of choice! 


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Wow, if this really works maybe I should try it. I think $40 is worth it!

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