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Of course you don't need social media...

By Blog Manager Robbi Hess

Of course you don't need social media. I mean as long as you're happy toiling away in obscurity while TwitterBird-300x268 your colleagues -- whether you're a writer, an entrepreneur or a builder of widgets -- are becoming known and talking about what they do. 

Regardless of your area of expertise or in which field you excel, you do need to spread the word if you want to become known for who you are and what you do. Every professional needs a platform, and by that I mean a social media platform in the aspect of what you will say about what you do and to whom you will say it and yes, the physical platforms on which you'll say it, ie Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. It doesn't matter if you're social media phobic and can't possibily understand how social media can work for you, believe me it will and it does. 

True, you may not build your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn followers or likers overnight and they may not immediately generate sales. So, you're probably wondering, what's the use? Consider this, when your reader (I also suggest you have a blog) needs a widget who will they think of? The person who shows up in their Twitter feed or on their Facebook wall or in their inbox when you update your blog, that's who. You want to be the person who comes to mind when widget purchases are in order, don't you? 

Social media isn't a new-fangled technology that is going to go away. You need to get on board, check out the various platforms and decide which is best for you then you need to make a plan to spread the word about yourself and what it is you do. Now go forth and talk about you! 


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It's amazing how I remember only a few years back when my husband and business partner told me that I should sign up on Facebook. I couldn't be bothered at the time. The curiosity finally got the better of me and now I don't know how I got along without these platforms.


Whether you like it or not social media is here. At a time where news is 24/7 and everyone has a facebook page is it any wonder you must incorporate that into your business? Reminds me of computers versus typewriters. Whether you will embrace it now or later is up to you but the sooner you get involved the better for you and your business.

Ann @ creative boomer

So true that social media is not something that happens overnight. But it also is not really hard to do, it just takes time and effort.

Martha Giffen

I couldn't agree more!! Social media is not an option for your biz any more than having a a blog is. Keep on with your message. Many still need to hear it!

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