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Making-a-video Who doesn't know that YouTube is the "second-largest search engine" online? Even if you don't know that 'fact', you know that YouTube is a force to be reckoned with. Which means: are you using YouTube to create business for you?

This article by Rieva Lesonsky who writes at Business on Main (remember, I mentioned that site on Tuesday - I'll be posting my thoughts on articles I've read there, at least twice a month; why? because there is alot of great content worth sharing and because they're paying me to share it!), has a great overview on how you can "use online vide to stand out and increase clicks".

From experience, I can tell you that unique, authentic and...humorous, is a good bet if you're using video to promote yourself or your business.

No, you don't have to be Chris Rock - nor do you have to be a videographer. Yes, you have to know your client base or your business market - what's funny to me may not be funny to you, so record your jokes or humorous content with your end market in mind. And, don't be afraid if the lighting is not perfect, or if you stumble on a word, or if you forget the punchline of a joke. Not having that happen is good, but when it does happen, make a joke about it.

Lesonsky gives these tips - I'll outline them and invite you to visit BoM to read the full explanation:

1. Plan your strategy. What are you sharing? Why are you sharing it? Videographer

2. Make your videos. She says a 'cheap video implies that you and your brand are also cheap'... I say, hogwash. A homemade video is just fine. No one expects you to be Steven Spielberg. And, folks actually appreciate the effort - knowing you didn't spend millions on it because, after all, you're a small business.

3. Place your videos. On your website or YouTube and other free sites.

4. Drive traffic. Use social media.

I think the use of video continue to rise because it shows the real people behind a brand. It highlights products and services in a personal way, connecting the viewer to you in ways an ad or blog post or Facebook page can't. Homemade is going to trump studio made, every time. As long as you are focused, professional, and friendly. Today, your viewer wants the real you, not one created by a marketing plan.

Go to it - make a video and come share the link here. I want to see and learn from your experiences!

This is a Lip-sticking post sponsored by Business On Main.


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