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'Weiner-gate' Twitter, online media scandal

Editor's note: Do people, especially politicians and other public figures, truly think that information (inappropriate photos) they send across the internet via Twitter, Facebook, texting or email is truly private? The topic of conversation now appears to be, "Is sexting or online 'affairs' truly considered infidelity?" What are your thoughts?

This came across our desks from Will Bower on behalf of Dr. Tim Kimmel

"Just yesterday, Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY) admitted to having inappropriate online and phone relationships with several women. He also admitted to lying about the origin of a lewd photo of his body that appeared on his Twitter account last week, which he aggressively claimed was due to hacking during several media appearances.

While Nancy Pelosi has called for a House ethics investigation of Weiner to see if he violated his Congressional oath, the impact of his behavior on his marriage to Huma Abedin -- a close aide to Hillary Clinton -- has yet to be seen. The couple has been married for less than one year.

So what is it that compelled Anthony Weiner to put his career and marriage at risk? And what greater impact are social networking sites having on family and marital relationships?

Dr. Tim Kimmel -- author and Executive Director of Family Matters ( -- has answers.  Considered one of America's top advocates for the family, Tim's latest book -- "In Praise of Plan B" -- explores ideas and ways to move beyond life's roadblocks and difficult situations."

As an update to when we received this information, it was announced that Weiner's wife was in the early stages of pregnancy?! What was this man thinking?



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I agree with both of you! I'm ready to move onto more important things!


People are just plain silly to believe emails, tweets and pictures cannot come back and haunt them. Many of our politicians are a disgrace. Not only do they not do the right thing for our country but they participate in this kind of behavior thinking they won't get caught. Most of our children are smarter than that and know the pitfalls of iphone cameras etc...


funny article:

Yvonne DiVita

Two things - one: he's a dolt! Yes, he should resign. But, that's just MBO!

Second: I don't know if it's cheating, per se, but I do know it's unacceptable in a public figure like a politician. Please! As if he can be trusted with anything now. NOT!

Third - did I say three things? I meant three things... I don't care. I don't care. I mean, I cared about the initial reveal. Now, let's move on. Let the right people take care of it and let us turn our attention to things of more import - like the economy, jobs, housing, and women's issues.

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