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Motorcycles in Pink and Purple

Motorcycle Ok... I'm reading about it and I've even seen it on TV. But, I don't get it. What is "it"? Women on motorcycles.

It's probably just because I'm boring, boring, boring... But, seriously, what is it about motorcycles that attracts anyone, let alone a woman? They're big machines, they're dangerous, the other vehicles on the road don't respect them; whenever I see people on motorcycles I ask myself if they have a death wish, or what?

Not so for this talented lady, Kathy Tolleson. In 2008, according to the article over on Business of Main's startup section, "the grandmother of 13 founded Daytona Beach, Florida-based Roar Motorcycles for Women." The company offers bikes designed and customized just for us gals. She tells the reporter that "Our bikes all have personalities. We present motorcycles in terms of fit, style, and beauty to make them more attractive to women."

Unfortunately, the article on BoM doesn't go into detail on WHY any women would want a motorcycle, and I am left contemplating the reasons without any resource to help me figure it out.

Maybe...the women (12% of all sales in 2008, according to The Motorcycle Industry Council) are looking for excitement. <shrug>

Maybe...the women are flounting society's desire to box them into being tame mothers and wives. Roaring around on a big ole motorcycle will dispel that stereotype, don't you think? Kathy_at_desk

Maybe...the women are just interested in machines you can ride. I mean, there are women who love big, fast cars. And little fast cars. There are women who love dangerous sports...of which I think riding a motorcycle is one.

I am NOT trying to belittle the women who purchase customized bikes from Tolleson - to each her own. I am clueless about why, though. One woman quoted in the article bought a bike in 2009 at the age of 63!!! OMG!

The reality here is that Tolleson feels "motorcycles are an empowering symbol of freedom and adventure," and I, for one, applaud her for her ability to capture that for herself and a whole lot of other women who must feel the same way. I don't get it. But, I think it's fantastic! Women need to do more of this kind of thing. We need to burst out of the bubble of complacency we're in - where we allow the world to dictate who we are and how we behave.

It's our right to be the person we want to be - and if that person steps outside the boundaries of good womanhood - into an area that raises eyebrows and makes other women blink, so be it. If we don't do this - if we don't stay true to our personalities, we will wither like roses in winter.

Just as I knew there was more to the women who shopped online, back in 2004 when I started this blog, Tolleson knew there was more to the women who were stuck riding bikes made for men, and she set out to give those women some attention. In the end, the choice is always up to the women - ride shotgun with your man, or 'man' your own bike; one created and designed just for you. There is power in being in control - power that gives women a leg up, if you will. Especially if you can afford the $10,000 to $25,000 price tag! question is: are you out there letting your adventurous spirit loose, roaring to work (or just around) with your hair blowing in the wind, goggles in place, legs tight around a customized, colorful bike? Or, are you on the sidelines, like me, watching someone else go by - wondering what that big smile on her face is all about?

p.s. I have $100 cash prize for the person who comments on the BoM post and most impresses me with a reason for women to be crazy about owning and riding motorcycles... you'll need to return here to let me know you posted, of course.

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Women on motorcycles are undeniably more attractive and cooler than those riding on cars. They make themselves more like lead actresses of an action flick.

Yvonne DiVita

Thanks for all the comments and participation. I've chosen my winner: Janet Green. She managed to help me understand why women would be attracted to biking like this. Didn't change MY mind, but... now I get it! Thanks, Janet! Your prize is on its way to you!

Janet Green

I see that the BOM blog really truncated my comment - I must have written too much! LOL Over there, I said that my desire to ride was about wanting to learn and perfect a new and difficult skill, find ways to enjoy the history and landscape of my state and country, and be part of a tightly knit group of people... well anyway, there was more to it than what is shown over there :)

Janet Green

I do blog about riding, Yvonne, thanks for asking! Here's my link: - try the "Iowa Rides" and two Sturgis categories for reports about some of my favorite adventures! :)

Yvonne DiVita

@Billy Jones - so, are you in the cool chicks group? I mean, do you hang out with cool chicks who "ride and wrench"?

@Rick - You love...the girly design or the fact that women have bikes of their own?

@Janet - best response so far. Do you blog about riding?

Janet Green

It's a real challenge to try to explain *why* we want to ride our own bikes... or *why* we want to be on a bike at all. But I gave it a shot, over on the BoM site. If you're really seeking to understand, just think of something you do that you LOVE... that would cause you intense emotional pain if you could no longer do it... something that calls to you from your soul. For some of us, that's the desire to ride! I really enjoyed your article here, by the way! :)

Rick Henkin

More power to them and to everybody! Why not? I'm sure there are design differences that would make a motorcycle geared toward women riders different than one geared toward male riders.

I love it.

Billy Jones

Cool chics ride bikes, cooler chics drive bikes and the coolest chics of all own the bikes they ride and wrench.

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