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Remember, once you've said it on the Internet... there it stays

Guest post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

If you're like every person on the planet you have an opinion, right? From politics to religion to the type of pet you like (and don't) to your favorite brand of peanut butter (Peter Pan rules!) everyone has a feeling -- good, bad or indifferent -- about almost everything. 

Publication2 Through my career as a journalist I learned to write articles that showed both sides of the story, regardless of which side I was on. Through my time on Facebook and other social media outlets I've learned to not jump into the fray when politics or religion are discussed, even though my fingers are itching to jump into the conversation. The reason? Not that I am afraid to voice my opinions, but because I have a public image I'd like to "protect" and once you say something on the Internet, it is there forever regardless of how many times you hit the delete button. 

Where am I going with this? Follow me. You're finishing up your article, guest blog post, book proposal, etc. and you're looking for an editor, agent or sponsor. You spend hours agonizing over your query letter checking grammar, punctuation and every precious word. At the bottom of your query (whether email or hard copy) you sign your name and put your contact information. You hesitate on putting your website address on the  letter because, well, your site just isn't something you want a potential editor to see. Guess what? If your site is under your name, an editor can simply Google you and... there you (and your site) are! 

Is your site something you want a potential editor or sponsor to see? Is it full of typos? Grammar errors that would make your first grade teacher cringe? Are you querying a magazine about a topic on which you'd written negative comments on your blog? Remember, you don't have to have a website that cost you thousands of dollars to build and maintain, an editor won't likely judge you on the webhost or even the design, but they will (whether consciously or subconsiously) judge you on the content. 

Bottom line: Make certain that everything you have posted on the Internet shows you in the best light possible, editors can and do search for information on potential authors so be sure what they find about you makes them want to work with you. Bear in mind that your Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites are open for public viewing as well. 


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caren gittleman

great advice!!! I think many people lose sight of that fact!

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