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Guest Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

Have you ever sat down and truly pondered why you want to be a writer? Truly thought about it and mapped out a plan? Individuals decide they want to be writers for myriad reasons, but what is yours? 

Have you always been penning stories and looking for ways to get them into the hands of the reading public? Do you have a particular passion for something -- crochet, dog grooming, metal working? Do you fancy the idea of spreading the word about your hobby to the masses? 

3803260573_d8d8b70059 Does your vivid imagination keep you awake at night? Do you spend time spinning yarns and constructing fantasy realms in your head and on paper? Are you able to draw characters who can perform in your stories, solving mysteries, finding true love or overcoming adolescent angst? 

Do you dream of fame, fortune and a work-from-home lifestyle of a career writer?


Here's the big question: Do you think that the life of a writer is one of ease, watching television in your pajamas while munching on truffles and dashing off articles. Then you imagine once you hit send that the large paychecks will come rolling in? 

Regardless of your dreams of becoming a writer, what you want to write and how you plan to get there, know that it isn't as easy as writing something and popping a byline on it. True, now that ebooks and self-publishing is all the rage, everyone "fancies him- or herself a writer," but it takes effort and hard work. You can't rely on editors to fix your grammar and article flow techniques to make you shine. 

Unfortunately there are many people who believe that if they have a blog and post in it several times a week that they are bonafide writers. The proliferation of bad writing devalues the work of those writers who have honed their skill through taking writing classes and dedication and hard work. 

If you truly want to be a writer -- regardless of your reasons -- never send your work to an editor or put it on your blog until you have made it the best it can be. In many cases -- I will go out on a limb and say in every case -- it is best to have your work read by a professional, especially if you're planning on self-publishing or uploading your work as an ebook. 

To earn money and make a living as a writer your every word must show professionalism and be grammatically correct -- yes, that even means your social media status updates to Facebook and Twitter. 

Are you putting your best words forward?


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Victoria Crowe

Thank you for pointing out the MOST important part of writing - the correct use of the English language (!). I've noticed that many people self-label and use the term writer entirely too loosely.
I agree that it takes a lot of hard work, and one must enjoy it in order to do it well and earn the right to call yourself a writer.
I SO APPRECIATE good writing. Frankly, my tolerance for poor writing is very low; but who's to say what a low tolerance level is when there are so many people out there that think they can write? They try to torture us with incessant prose that immediately brings to mind the goings-on at a prison camp. Of course, the choice is ours - to read or not to read...
Just stop calling yourself a writer, please. I am not an accountant because I can keep books; nor am I a trainer because I go to the gym every other day.

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