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We Notice The Little Things.

By Mary Schmidt, Marketing Troubleshooter 

Clean restrooms. Wide, uncluttered aisles. Spotless silverware. Pleasing color combinations. Intuitive web site navigation. Employee benefits. 

What do all these have in common?  

They're all things women notice - and that will incent us to buy, again and again.  Employee benefits? Really?  Yes, really.  If you treat your employees well, they'll be much happier (and likely) to go above and beyond for your customers. If I know, for example, that you let employees bring their dogs to work...or wear jeans on Friday, I feel good about giving you my hard-earned dinero, for everything from clothing to software. 

And, we also like creative. Not that men aren't creative, real life, most not so much, especially when it comes to quality of life. We're talking the sex, after all, that seemingly can't grok that glaring overhead light doesn't make for a homey home. I still remember one boyfriend saying, as he sank gratefully onto my sofa by a roaring fire, "I love coming here, it's so nice. What do you do?"  Um, pillows? Lamps? A few live plants? ;0

ANYWAY, where was I going with this? Oh. Yeah. Stick with me, I do have a point. 

This morning I walked down to visit my mom at the Woodmark (assisted living community), as I do most mornings.  I can't say enough about their wonderful service - their employees consistently go above and beyond, with a smile.  (I can't even imagine.  140 residents, of whom about 40 are in the Alzheimer's unit.  Mondo difficult job, one I admit I couldn't do.)  So, it makes me happy to visit there - it doesn't look, seem (or smell) like a "old age home."  Of course, I keep my eyes peeled...and this a.m., the "not-so-little" thing that made me smile was a simple sign, taped to a jar on the reception desk. Seems that employees can wear jeans on Friday now, as long as they contribute a dollar for the privilege.  All proceeds go to the Alzheimer's Association.  Nice!  Good for the employees. Creative...AND they're doing some good.  (Oh yeah, women also LOVE do-goodin' ;)

So, your ideas?  What seemingly little things makes you love to buy from someone? What keeps you going back? 




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I'm so glad you mentioned the restrooms. If a store doesn't have clean bathrooms, or worse, doesn't even have public restrooms to offer - this is a definite turn off.

I make sure to let the business know when I do find a bathroom that is clean, pretty and leaves me feeling welcome and at home. It makes a huge difference and I can spend more time there, not having to worry if me, or my little ones, need to use the restroom while we're out and about.


This is soooo true!! It's the little things... My work took out jeans on Friday's!

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Debra Gaynor

You are so right! My mother once chose a catering hall for a big event becuase they asked her if she'd like a cup of coffee when she came in.

Melissa Wright

A company that a) treats its employees well b) communicates clearly with me and doesn't treat me like a fool and c) responds to me when they say they're going to ... is most likely to get my business again.

Having a clean office and a nice, easy-to-navigate website helps, too.

Janine Regan-Sinclair

I like to shop where people are passionate about what they are doing no matter what it is. There is a girl in my local Sainsburys who is so jolly and happy, it's a pleasure to be served by her and she's always like that, every time I go in. She's a ray of sunshine.


I am more willing to spend money with a company who treats their employees well.


That's so true. Small touches (a humorous sign, involvement with a charity, an interesting project) can make a place (or a person!) seem warmer and more welcoming, and when we see a person or a company making an effort to include them, we tend to have a more positive opinion of them.

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