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By Guest Blogger, Donna DeClemente, Donna's Promo Talk

Nfl-1Anyone that has been reading my blog posts over the years knows that I'm a huge football fan. This week we kicked off a new NFL season and while I will miss the summer, I'm so glad football is back. To top it off, my team, THE BUFFALO BILLS, won on the road! Not only did they come home with a "W", but they dominated the Kansas City Chiefs, 41-7. Those that follow the NFL know that the Bills have had a really bad streak over the past decade. Not since the days of Jim Kelly when we made the Super Bowl four years in a row have we had anything to celebrate. Maybe, just maybe this will be the year!

Okay, now that I got my gushing out of the way, what I really want to write about is the huge marketing arm of the NFL. Many big brands and media companies were shaking in their booties over the fact that the NFL season might not have happened this year. However, the owners and players finally got together and agreed to some terms and the training camps began.

What I think the NFL and some of the brands are really starting to get is that there are many of us women who are huge football fans. It's not just the guys, who yes can be carried away by any sport. But women really love football. Maybe because it started with our high school teams on Friday nights and then college weekend games. Or maybe because there are so many good looking quarterbacks. I don't know. But I'm hooked on the game.

What disappoints me though ever time I sit down to watch a game is the barrage of TV commercials, mostly by the beer brands, that think by targeting Neanderthals they are creating a good brand image. Yes, some young men always have just a couple of things on their minds, but I do get really tired, real quickly of seeing these ads BuffaloBillsBootsand so do many men that I know. There were a few of these ads that premiered during week 1. However, I did notice a slight change for the better in some others. More auto brands were advertising during the game and include couples in their ads that speak to both men and women. The NFL was promoting itself quite a bit as well during week 1. I especially like the ad with a guy giving all his friends NFL team merchandise and handing over a pair of boots, like these Buffalo Bills ones, to a girlfriend.

Being in the promotional marketing business with a specialty on sweepstakes and contests, I am aware of the many brands who pay big bucks to have a sponsorship with the NFL as well as the individual teams. I worked with Kodak for several years when they were the Official Film of the NFL, back in the days when there was such a thing as film. We developed many promotions around the NFL teams and the Super Bowl, including those that offered chances to win game tickets.

SuperBowl2012 Every year around this time we receive several inquires from companies that would like to run a sweepstakes and give away tickets to the Super Bowl, this year it's in Indianapolis. I tell them, yes you can purchase trip packages from travel websites that include tickets, but you can't use the term "Super Bowl" in any of your communications unless you are a sponsor. That's why you see many campaigns that allude to football and the "Big Game", but don't use the words or logos of the NFL or the teams. I am still surprised by how many marketing people don't understand this and question us.

Here's a clever little "football" promotion we are currently working on for a client that I thought I'd share. It ties into the new season, doesn't use any team or NFL affiliation and does a great job of relating football to its brand. American Signature Furniture (also known as Value City Furniture depending on where in the country ASF-SoFANTasticLogoyou are) launched this SoFANtastic Sweepstakes on their Facebook pages this past Saturday. They are giving away three $700 gift cards, one winner for each week of football in September. Participants can enter once every week, but first they must vote on which sofa out of three featured that best shows off their style for hosting a football party in their living room. We're working with digital agency Rockfish Interactive on this one who came up with the concept.

So sit back and enjoy the fall and football. Let's not forget though that we still have the boys of October to talk about. Go Red Sox! Yes, women like baseball too!


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