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What Women Should Expect from a Marketing Department - And It's Not the Color Pink

It's the Emotional Thing To Do.

By Guest Blogger, Mary Schmidt, Marketing Troubleshooter

When was the last time you heard that when someone was justifying a decision?  I'm betting never.  
Ah, but the "logical thing" is to be commended and everyone nods sagely.  Logic will never lead us astray, will it? (Us old trekkies know better, but I digress...)  

However, study after study - and our own experience - have shown that we make decisions - even the biggest biz ones - based on emotion, then justify them with logic.  We women are just a bit more honest with ourselves about this...;-)

Latest example is the latest addition to my household.  Yes, I'm going to write about a cat. And a cute little one at that.  But I've got a biz point about customers coming.  Really. Hang with me. 

So, a wee small kitten shows up in my backyard shortly before I left for a trip last week.  Marshmallow that I am, I left a little bowl of food.  Both the kitty and the food were gone the next day. Ah, well. Must have gone home.  Uh. No. On Monday I see a pair of eyes peering out from a bush. Long story short, over the next several days, it became obvious it'd taken up residence in my yard. I gradually got it to come closer and closer. (Food is a marvelous tool.)  *Sigh* It did all the adorable things kittens do, including just sitting there and looking adorable. DAMN that cuteness!

I called a local foster/rescue group and they referred me to another group, which "has a good record of adoption."  What went unsaid is that the kitty, if not adopted, is killed.  Well, not on my watch. Not with a cat who shows up at my back door.

Images His name is Hobo. I'd already named him before I looked up the universal hobo symbol for kind woman, shown at right.  Seems the universe is trying to tell me something. I swear I must have this little sign - in cat language - on my back door (For years, wherever I've lived. Cats seem to always pick me.)

That emotion into logic transformation? Easy-peasy.  The little guy is so scared and shy; I need to "socialize" him, even if I do find a foster group able to take him in.  Otherwise, he'll have a difficult time getting adopted.  See? Easy. Of course, by the time he's fully socialized, I'll have totally bonded with the little sucker (Sucker? That's me...;0 

To bring us all back to a biz point.  Simple question.  What sign would a customer see on your door? Are you even aware of the sign? Could it be - um "nothing doing here?" (another hobo sign)  You'd be amazed how word gets around. Even without social media technology. Back in the old days, the hobo word-of-mouth network spread the word very well indeed, with nary a computer or smartphone around.


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