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Oh we are living in a virtual world and I'm a virtual girl

By Amanda Ponzar

Giraffe We live in a virtual world. I read in Bloomberg Businessweek about the U.S. Postal Service's pending demise, that virtual mail boxes that would take the place of real mail boxes -- get all your bills delivered virtually (but what about the 4-foot stuffed giraffe I just got today from Amazon.com?). At least naughty kids can't whack your virtual mailbox with a bat...they'll just hack it.

Also read an article about the government tracking people using social media and online behavior. Then a vendor this week pitched their service -- claiming they can determine the household income and buying behavior/demographics on all our email addresses -- can do all this with just an email address?! Apparently all kinds of companies have sprung up that can pull everything online into one place and analyze it. Lovely.

Then my former high school English teacher I haven't heard from in years (who's counting?) just emailed this afternoon, saying she'd gotten my email from friends who connected with her on Facebook. What a world.

Add to that, I'm about ready to post a job opening on my team. Where do I plan to post it? On LinkedIn, to my network of 700+ connections. More and more hiring managers and recruiters are using social media to find (and evaluate) candidates. Yep, we are living in a virtual world...and we all need to adapt.


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Mary Foley

Social Networking is a great way to take the "work" out of Networking. Linkedin is a great way to build connections in your field and find great qualified candidates for positions within your organization. Now more than ever bodacious women need to work smarter and work harder. Thanks for this blog!


I'm a virtual girl that's why I have a virtual shop. LOL! Kidding. Anyway, I love your article down the bottom. And I also love http://sovereignfunding.com for buying my structured settlement. I now have virtual shop! Hurray! :)

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