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Jacki-Schklar1-300x225From a BFF over at All the Single Girl Friends, Lip-sticking brings you:

FunnyNotSlutty.com Blazes New Trails with Its Redesigned Site for Women Who Love Comedy: New Features Make It Even Easier to Find Fresh, Funny Content that Makes Women Laugh

Recognized by many as a pioneering site for women in comedy, web sensation Funny Not Slutty is blazing even newer trails with its recently launched, revamped web site. A sleeker design, fresh content and improved navigation make it even easier to find and promote smart comedy made by women, for women – the main goal, as far as publisher Jacki Schklar is concerned.

“Our comedy targets women, but it’s also created by female producers, writers, humorists and comedians. Our content may be a little smarter and a little deeper than your average web humor,” explained Schklar, who first began the site in 2008 after finding a shortage of online humor appealing to an audience beyond the teenaged boy set.


This focus on sharper, multi-layered humor for women has attracted a number of female comedians and writers to use the site as a springboard for their own material. New York-based actor and comedian Jenn Dodd, whose work found national attention after she appeared in a satire video for the site’s parody campaign “Victoria Jackson for President,” is glad to be a regular contributor – and not just because of the exposure her work has received.

"Funny Not Slutty promotes a brand of comedy in which I'm thrilled to take part. Jacki helps to produce content that is fun to watch and provides a smart and savvy online community for comediennes who I'm proud to have as peers," says Dodd. 

The site’s interactive nature has always been of interest to its largely adult female audience, a demographic more likely to connect through social networking than its counterparts. FnS Network members can share and promote their photos, videos, events and blog posts to a like-minded group; and the Discussion Forum allows participants to bond through reviews, recipes, shopping tips and more. The end result is a vibrant community of funny women, and an enthusiastic audience hungry for fresh content. Fnsbutton

Acclaimed humor writer Elizabeth Bastos says of FnS, “I write for FnS because my life is mundane, I'm a suburban soccer mom, and FnS is not. It has vajazzling, it has interviews, it has women and their wits, and no one is asking me to pour milk or drive a minivan. Or if they are, it's hilarious, and I want to.”

That audience is expanding now, thanks to a new section of the site called ComedyRants.com. This section of humor caters to both men and women, and its presence is featured prominently on the FnS home page. “I wanted to get in the game with the guys as well,” says Schklar. “It helps women to be able to get in the mix, besides; guys were some of the first people to give FnS an audience.”

Also new to the site are dropdown menus that break content out by topic, media type and contributor, so users can find what they want with just a click or two. This improved navigation is meant to make the site content more accessible to visitors, whether they know what they’re looking for or not.

“If I’m writing a piece about a particular topic or for a specific type of media, FnS is a great site to browse for inspiration,” says humor writer and contributor Blythe Jewell. “And then again, sometimes I visit the site just looking for a laugh. But either way, I almost always end up snorting coffee out of my nose -- and in the world of humor, that’s the highest form of flattery.”

To see the exciting new changes or inquire about contributing to the site, visit the site today! 

About the Founder
Jacki Schklar is the founder of Southern Jewish Princess Media, an Atlanta-based media production group with an affinity for comedic projects. She is also a social media and internet communications consultant for organizations. For more information about FunnyNotSlutty.com, visit www.funnynotslutty.com.


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