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Partnerships - Winning Formula for Success?

I've been touting the concept of partnerships for eight years, ever since I started this blog. If your small Pearls business is not experiencing growth, or if you have a truly niche product or service, I urge you to consider partnering with a colleague who has a similar or complimentary product/service.

For instance, you make trinkets. Whether that's jewelry, hair products, shoelaces, toys, whatever... there's someone out there making sweaters, jackets, hats, or kids books - all products that could work with trinkets as a package. Why not find unique and clever ways to work together?

If you're a service organization, you supply business advice or insurance or coaching - why not partner with someone who also offers business advice, insurance or coaching, and build ways to come at these service products from two angles that together can provide more value to your clients?

Here's a great video that shows how this works from ... a Halloween perspective. Two innovative guys Haunted-houseare "taking the business of Halloween to a new level," according to the video announcer. In the neat video (click the image at right) we see how these two scary guys (ok, they're not scary per se, they just make scary stuff!) decided not to compete - but to partner! Their business, 13th Floor, isn't just a winning formula because they're tapping into our deepest fears and our love of this yearly holiday; it's a winning formula because they joined forces to be bigger and better.

Check it out and start thinking about how YOU can partner with someone to take YOUR business to the next level.

p.s. add a comment here and to the BoM Haunted House video relative to partnerships, and I'll do a random draw at the end of the month for one $100 winner! REMEMBER to mention Lip-sticking!!!

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