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The Girl Effect - Why It Matters & How To Help

Eyes on the world by Yvonne DiVita

I was invited to participate in The Girl Effect Campaign with Tara Mohr (and hundreds of others) a few weeks ago and I jumped at it! How could I not? This isn't just a passing fad or some new fashion statement. It's not a long post whining about the fate of girls in the world today- although that's part of it.

What it is, is a post of enlightenment, of power, of hope, and of inspiration. It's a true glimpse into tomorrow - where the community of all serves the needs of all - beginning with the girls who will be the mothers of the future; mothers who, like most mothers, will determine the fate of society.

Without this, we all contribute to the status quo - of letting our girls down, the world over. Of continuing to see girls as invisible or secondary to boys. Oh, and lest you misunderstand, this affects boys, too. We're all in this together. By giving girls the education they deserve, by working to uplift girls in countries far away, and close to home, by providing attention, encouragement, trust, and faith, we empower girls everywhere - and, in turn, they empower their brothers.

Watch the video below and visit this page for more. Participate by spreading the word. Share more thoughts in the comments below.



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Thank you so much for this! As the mom to two little girls this hit home with me big time. xo


I saw this on another blog, It made me appreciate how lucky I am. These young girls have the right to be young girls, not getting forced into marriage and having children. I'm going to post something about the girl effect as well. We need to get more people informed.

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