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The Fuss About Ugg Boots: A Girl's Guilty Pleasure

Headshot3Article by Chloe Spencer 

First off, let me explain what Ugg Boots are to those who may not know. Ugg Boots are suede boots with a rubber sole, shearling lining and sometimes a shearling cuff. They are pretty much as un-shapely as possible for a boot, and the average length sizes are mid-calf or below the knee. 

They were popularized In Australia by male surfers where they were created, and were introduced in the U.S in the 70's as a fashionable boot for women. Nowadays, most teenage and college-age girls own at least one pair of Ugg Boots, if not several. But they may not all be made by the actual "Ugg" brand. These suede and sheepskin style boots became so popular that stores and brands all over the nation began to make their own style of these boots; for example, Wet Seal sells "Ugg-style" boots for only $15, made of faux suede with a faux shearling or fur interior. Whereas Ugg sells its boots for $100 and up, on average $200.

Ugg boots nowadays are all different sorts of colors, shapes and styles, but the original boot was a plain, tan, suede boot with the white sheepskin interior. If you look at the boots Ugg sells today, along with the original style boots, it sells all sorts of new creations including hot pink or sequined boots, as well as cable knit boots, ski boots, heeled boots, slippers, sneakers, sandals, etc. Ugg even sells scarves, hats, gloves, and other such accessories--becoming not only one of the biggest winter boot sellers in America, but one oTumblr_kym90xqMXT1qzueujo1_400f the biggest shoe sellers in America in general.

I myself own 2 pairs of Ugg boots, after going years wearing my faux-Uggs for $15, and let me tell you, I'll never go back. After slipping my foot into my first real Ugg boot, then and there I swore to myself I would never go back to my cheapies.

I'm sure you've heard, but just so you can see it in writing, Ugg boots are THE most comfy and warm boot ever made. Girls go wild for these boots, and they have definitely become a fashion statement over the years. I remember my younger years wishing I could afford I pair of "real" Uggs, constantly looking at the label on the back of each girl's boots that walked by to see if they were 48330087wearing actual Uggs or not. If they didn't have the signature brown "UGG" label on the heel, I felt better that I wasn't the only one without the real ones. Now I am a proud owner of 2 pairs! And they are my go-to boots for about every occassion I can get away with wearing them (Note: Beware of wearing them on a day when it's just not cool enough: your feet will sweat like crazy!)

I'm sure you've also heard people talk about how "ugly" Ugg boots are, especially men. It's true, men tend to hate these boots, but many, many girls think they look "cute" and "stylish". And if it's worth anything, my boyfriend thinks they look cute on me! In fact, I think they look very cute, especially with jeans or leggings. So I don't pay any mind to what some may say about them. But let me tell you, the majority of girls LOVE them. Besides, who are we to care so much about impressing men anyway! Hmph!

So, you may be thinking, well my daughter has a pair of Uggs, or maybe, my neice wears Uggs, so would I look stupid wearing them? The answer is no. Uggs are worn by all ages today--from stylish 5-year-olds (with rich parents, in my opinion--kids grow fast!) to 60-year-old women or older. Yes it's true that the majority of Ugg wearers are from 15 to 30 years old, but that doesn't mean that you can't wear them and look stylish (and enjoy their extreme comfort and warmth!) like anyone else. Ugg makes all sorts of styles of boots, and there's no doubt that you will find a pair (or 2 or 3!) that suit you.

There are other brands that make boots similar to traditional Uggs that aren't $10, in fact, there are many. EMU and Bearpaw, to name a couple of those ranked second-best. Although Ugg is my number one reccommended brand of suede/sheepskin boots (as many would also say), these brands do make very nice Ugg-style boots. Other winter boots that I would reccomend are those made by The North Face, which make good snow boots (as traditional Ugg boots are in NO way meant to get wet--they will stain as soon as a drop of water hits them!) and so does Sorel. Hunter Boots is also a very popular brand of boots, but they tend to be only rain-style boots, but sometimes with lace-up or fur trim styles.

Speaking of avoiding water stains on your Uggs, I HIGHLY reccommend you coat your boots with a water-resistance spray Img-thingbefore wearing them at all. I stained my first pair by coming into the house with them on, drinking a glass of water and spilling some onto them. I had not sprayed them yet with the water-resistance spray yet, so they were ruined forever--hence the fact I bought another pair! You can buy this type of spray at most shoes stores and nice department stores, and Ugg also sells their own water and stain repellent. So be sure to remember to do this before wearing them at all (after trying them on of course)! Usually the directions tell you to spray each boot all over from a foot or so away, and to do a second coat about a half hour later. Your boots will be ready to wear the next day after drying all night.

Ugg does however sell waterproof boots, meant for snow. They have large rubber lug soles and are made of waterproof pebbled leather and canvas, Screen shot 2011-10-26 at 7.15.15 PM with shearling interiors and cuffs. These boots are made by their "Adirondack" line. They look like modern-day hiking boots for vikings; big and furry but very durable and heavy-duty. My mom owns a pair of these Adirondack Ugg boots and she loves them. If you live in Wisconsin like she does (and where I'm originally from), then these types of shoes are a necessity! Or else your feet will be freezing in the -20 degree windchill and you'll be slipping on ice all over the place wihout the non-slip lug soles!

So, whether you want to wear them for performance, warmth, or fashion, Ugg boots, in all their different styles today, are and have always been a 5-star shoe and worn by millions. It doesn't matter how old you are, or where you live, for they can be worn by anyone, anywhere. Slipping your foot into the soft, warm shearling has never felt better than when it's cold outside--they're like tall slippers for anywhere wear. Men can even wear them too (although it's rare to see unless they are a surfer)!

My favorite boots, and perhaps even your future favorites if you've never experienced them before, are Uggs, no matter how "Ugg-ly" some may call them. So behold the Ugg boot season, as it begins its commence! Not only the season to be jolly, but the season to wear my Uggs!


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Mary Sowman

Wow! Ugg boots 101! Thank you! I'm 39 and I always wanted to try Ugg boots... I think I will just go do that this week!

Dina Eisenberg | Hassle Free Contracts

Hey, this 49 year old loves UGGs. I thought they were the ugliest things going until the day I slipped on a pair of my daughters 2 years ago. Nirvana!

Not a day passes that I don't put them on. Getting bolder about wearing them out (sometimes I can't bear to put on shoes for a quick trip) although there have been quizzical looks.

I say smart crones wear UGGs- comfy and hip!


I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Uggs! Great article!

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