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By Guest Blogger, Donna DeClemente, Donna's Promo Talk

DigitalMomsPart2Have your kids allowed you to friend them on Facebook yet? Or, have you allowed your mom, or grandma, to friend you? My daughters have allowed me to be their "friend", however, there are rules I need to follow. For example I shouldn't comment on their posts that clearly don't involve me and I really shouldn't write on their wall at all (except to wish them a happy birthday).

It's funny though that I have become friends with many women on Facebook that are moms of my daughters' friends. Some of these women I've known since the girls were in kindergarten. I think it would have been fun to have had something like Facebook back them to communicate with them more.

EMarketer-Mom FacebookeMarketer recently posted some new figures in which they estimate that there are 23 million US moms on Facebook this year. This figure counts women with children under 18 in the household who use the site at least once each month. So I guess that doesn't represent me anymore but it does represents well over two-thirds of all online moms in the country. Overall, eMarketer estimates that 57.1% of internet users (including children) use Facebook monthly.

Facebook is not the only social networking site moms use. The number jumps a little more to 26.5 million mothers with kids in the home that use any social networks at least once per month which amounts to 79.2% of online moms. This compares to 63.7% of internet users overall.

These estimates mean that Facebook is definitely a good place for brands and companies to be that are marketing to moms. Here's a great example from the folks at Quaker Oats that by listening to their customers, they decided to bring the company’s iconic Cap’n Crunch mascot into the social space. Quaker’s Barbara Liss showed in her BlogWell presentation how the company reintroduced the character with his own Facebook and Twitter page which helped drive a 3% to 5% increase in baseline sales.

CapnCrunchSo if you visit the Cap’n Crunch Facebook page you will find he is always in character. His tweets and posts are in his voice, not the brand’s. The company created a whole story about him being away at sea to explain his delay in joining social media. In one of his first Facebook posts, the Cap’n asked fans for advice on what they wanted to see on his fan page and he got hundreds of comments back. Barbara and her team now create an average of seven weekly Facebook posts (and roughly 78 more replies to fans in those posts) and an average of 57 tweets per day.

While Quaker Oats is marketing mainly to moms, their fans also appear to be dads as well as young adults. So the main take-away from this example is that you first need to be where your customers are, listen to them, ask their advice, keep the conversation going, and do it in that order. Now I think they should next run a sweepstakes and offer a chance to win a date with the Cap'n!


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JFK Limos

A very interesting post. You are very much right now a days lot of people are into facebook so are the moms. It seems we spend most of our time on social networks.

Zsa Zsa

So many moms/mompreneurs/stay-at-home moms in Facebook indeed! This is vital information for those who want to market to moms and women in general!

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