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My New Obsession: The Vampire Diaries

By Guest Blogger, Mary Schmidt Marketing Troubleshooter

Hey, it's Friday - let's talk a little mindless fun. 

DamonTVDYes, me and about a million teenagers.  So, here I am. A woman of a certain age blowing the viewer demographics once again. Or am I?  Now that I've TOTALLY blown my cred as a responsible, mature biz woman... 

In asking around, I find any number of "grown-up" women watch the show (as well my other not-so-guilty CW pleasure, Supernatural.)  I don't, however, have ANY interest in "joining us" on Facebook (as a TVD character urges on the site)...or to buy any of the TVD junk merchandise pitched (if for no other reason than I'd look ridiculous in it.) I also have no urge to follow, like or otherwise share my viewing habit. Hey, guess there's some age difference kicking in after all.  

The show, if you've not seen it, is rather like Twilight for grown-ups. Sure, it's mind candy, junk food for the brain, silliness in a slick, fun package. (Vampirism in TVD's world isn't much more bothersome than acne - you just gotta wear a ring and refrain from eating your history teacher and you're fine. Plus, the sex is stellar!)

ANYWAY, how did I get hooked?

Well, I watched four episodes back to back one evening when I couldn't sleep.  It was the end of a very bad, sad, horrible no-good day and I needed to totally turn off the brain. And a good vampire yarn is one of my favorite way to veg. (That said, I think the whole vampire romance sub genre has gotten completely out of control.) 

So, why am I looking forward to the next episode? (Um, could the above picture of Damon give you any clue? Bad, bad Mary.) The show IS silly...but...it's quality silliness. Ian Somerhalder (the actor who plays Damon) has a way with a line; everyone seems to be having a good time with their part; and  it's just - well - fun.  Quality. fun. good-looking people.  A great combo, regardless of your target audience's age.

P.S. I did find the first couple of episodes of the first season to be almost unbearably saccharine, and stopped watching.  The good boy vampire (Stefan, Damon's brother) was whining and moping around, scribbling away in a diary. However, things have really changed.  No more dreary moping or diary scribblings. Stefan has turned very, very bad...and very interesting. Oh, those bad boys...

Now, I think I'll go find my old copy of Dracula for yet another read.  Bwaaa-HAAAAA-HHAAAAAA!



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