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No, I really, really, really don't want to buy the bra.

By Guest Blogger, Mary Schmidt, Marketing Troubleshooter, LLC

As regular readers know, I don't own a television, so I watch shows online.  Of course, there are still commercials.  And, really, I don't have a problem with that.  I understand that the networks/show producers need to make money.  I even enjoy some of the ads, including the Mayhem spots (the raccoon in the attic is a favorite.)

Some of the commercials such as the Hail to the V! series are at best annoying; at worst, insulting.  My latest peeve is the bra ad which runs seemingly incessantly with CW shows.  I actually got up and left the room last night; I was that sick and tired of it.  (Yes, now I can have a bra that makes me look two cup sizes larger!) However, it's just a why do I so utterly loathe it?  

Because it depicts what we would - um - call a "skank" back in the day.  You know, the one the guys could always "depend" on if nothing better came along. Ratty hair, drug-addled look on her face, dancin' around the campfire in her scanty underwear.  Yeah. Real class act; I wanta be her! *Sigh* Irritating, insulting, demeaning to women. 

And, here's the real kicker - I can't remember the company's name.  Atria? Avia? Avian? Huh?  Please just go away and take the skank with you.   


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If we can simply get rid of those demeaning ads that can really get through your nerves:)

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