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Ingenious inventions

By Amanda Ponzar

DysonHave you noticed how many inventions make our lives easier? Dishwashers, vacuums (like my Dyson), computers (so we don't have to use white-out and typewriters for those of you old enough to remember that), email, the internet, DVD players, and the list goes on. What about cell phones! (To say nothing of smart phones.) I remember before cell phones when I was in my teens and my mom had to pick me up at a NASCAR race (don't ask); we had not set a place to meet beforehand. It was a small miracle we found each other. How did we survive?

My Baby Bjorn provides a hands-free way to work and move around while keeping baby close. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser removes impossible marks from walls and doors -- when even baking soda can't. Starbucks frappachinos are another form of magic -- chocolate and coffee combined.

Cake popsIt just makes me wonder what other inventions are out there waiting to be discovered, what other problems we could solve if we put our minds to it. I watch a lot of science fiction/futuristic films and look forward to cruising in a hovercraft and beaming from place to place.

We have to stay fresh. We have got to push ourselves to be creative (check out my post on "Do you still got it, baby? Creativity that is."). I'm sure every single one of us could come up with something; heck, I see a new infomerical every day with some kind of miracle product: a veggie chopper, magnetic door screen, special mattress, exercise device, even baking pans that make cake balls. Only $19.95 for two! (Plus shipping and handling...)

This challenging economy is a great time to flex those unused brain muscles and develop a brilliant new idea (service or product) that people need -- I could use more time, more sleep, a better haircut, easier ways to exercise, rock-hard abs, more veggies in my diet (do I need that juicer?), a cleaner house (how about Roomba, the robot vacuum??), and the list goes on. I'm willing to pay for it. So marketers, take your best shot.


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Ergonomic Chair

We owe a lot of what we have today to the people who never grow tired of making their intelligence and creativity work.

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