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BabbaBox - Learning Tools for Our Kids

Art-childby Yvonne DiVita

I'm big on interactive toys. Always have been. To that end, I loved watching my kids play with blocks and Legos and Tinkertoys. This, according to what I've observed, stimulates their creativity. 

Books are another 'toy' that gets kids thinking out of...the TV box. I loved reading to my kids and would still do it if they'd sit still long enough. Thankfully, I'll get the chance to continue that tradition with my grandkids. 

Over the last month, I discovered a new 'toy' that works by stimulating kids creativity - and Mom's creativity. Dad's, too, one expects. But, the site is more geared to Moms, I believe. 

It's called BabbaBox and it was created by a Mom, Jessica Kim. I was fortunate enough to receive a test box which I gave to a good friend who's son is the right age - 3-6 - and I'll have a full report on how much they like it, soon. But, in the meantime, I recommend checking it out for yourself. It's a product born of necessity and like so many things we humans 'make' because no one else is making them, this one fills  a void that needs attention.

Here's what the email I received said: "Jessica Kim thought by doing a craft together they could learn at Babbabox-full the same time- but inevitably Jessica wound up with 400 googly eyes when she only needed 2, 60 pipecleaners when she only needed 4…you get the idea.

She figured there has to be a better way to engage kids and connect with them on another level while teaching them in a fun way.

Not to mention, she barely had time to get dinner on the table- let alone plan an entire creative, educational activity and gather all the necessary components.

So, Jessica Kim created the BabbaBox. http://www.babbaco.com/babbabox"

Braiden, the little guy who is testing out the sample I received, seems interested, according to his Mom, Stacia. "He can't wait to get his hands on it," she told me. From her point of view, she had this to say, "It looks pretty inviting for kids his age," and, "I like that 'gratitude' is the concept for this month. That's a great concept for kids to learn about." 

On the Babbaco blog... there's a good post on what to get your kids' teachers this year - great suggestions right from the teacher's mouths, so to speak.

Something that you should consider looking at, maybe? While you can't order it in time for holiday (Christmas) shipping, you can order for mid-January shipping. That works for those of us who celebrate the holidays through the month of January - due to family being scattered hither and yon.

How about you? 


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