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Heading into 2012 - Recycle 2011!

Salesby Yvonne DiVita

Seriously. Recycling is very 'in' right now so why not recycle 2011? What can you take from this year and reformat it into success for 2012? 

I got this idea from watching this video (below) on the BoM site. This kid (who turned down a cool million in funding!) is more than smart - he's dedicated and committed and focused. All the things you need to be to fulfill your business promise. 

As I watched the video, my mind was busy trying to think of ways I can make a difference - beyond recycling my soda cans and newspapers and other items that go in our recycling bin. I was thinking about this year, about what I accomplished this year and how hard it all was. Hey, no one said it would be easy!

What if, I thought, there was a way to recycle 2011? What would that mean? Would it mean repackaging myself? My business? My business plan? Would it mean turning reality upsidedown - taking innovation to a new level - one that doesn't rely on 20th century thinking that limits both creativity and planning?

Yes. All of those things. Recycling 2011 means looking at the world with different eyes. It means Beautiful1 revisiting the Art as Action performances - where I experienced an other-worldly existence, where I allowed myself to stop thinking in terms of here and now and today. Performances that transcend the ordinary, such as 'beautiful mistake' allow you to give your overloaded mind a break from the drudgery of day-to-day living. You become one with the performers; you feel their energy in your soul; you embrace them on a level that defies imagination; you sense the power of your own heart beating to the rythym of music only you can hear. You learn to recycle and reimagine your own existence.

Recycling 2011 means looking at the whole as not the sum of its parts but as individual pieces of a puzzle that does NOT need to be puttogether the same way, every time. 

Recycling inspires creative thought. How can I use this again, in a new, different way? How can I work with this idea and uncover something more useful, more interesting, more outrageous? How can I bend physics to work for me?

Naturally, what I'm talking about is different than redesigning a product - I'm talking about redesigning your life. I'm talking about taking the best of who you are and molding that into something amazing. Be amazing in 2012. Be fantastically outrageous - to the point of no return. Refuse to accept limits. Refuse to work in the status quo. Refuse to settle for less.

Watch the video and ask yourself some of these questions - then reorganize your office to invite innovation in. Come back and tell us about it. Share your thoughts. Make a video that demonstrates how you're recycling your 2011 life.


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