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No. Really. You Shouldn't Have!

By Guest Blogger, Mary Schmidt Marketing Troubleshooter

We all love getting gifts, especially if they're unexpected.  However - unless you're some hideously spoiled rotten socialite - it really is the thought that counts. And, according to the NYT, gift giving doesn't have to be expensive or painful.  

Traditionalists and etiquette mavens are complaining, but the rest of us can thank social scientists this season. They have come up with experimental evidence to support three revolutionary rules for people who hate shopping for holiday gifts:

1. You don’t have to spend any time looking for “thoughtful” gifts.

2. You don’t have to spend much money, either.

3. Actually, you may not have to spend any money.

Try telling that to my mother.  She's a bit down that she "can't do anything for Christmas this year."  Her being here in Albuquerque is more than enough for me...but she can't give me an actual thing, however small.  

As an only child, I always had an embarrassment of riches at Christmas time.  Santa apparently spent like a drunken sailor...bringing everything on my list...and then some more.  I actually hid things before my friends came over.  Too, too much.  Of course, I loved it. Who am I kidding?  

However, I don't remember many of the actual things.  What I remember (and treasure) is the fun.  The fun I had...and the fun my mom had planning, cooking, wrapping. (She made about a thousand batches of fudge and other candy). Those memories are my mother's best gift to me. This year and every year.  

So, really. Stop shopping now and start enjoying...Life's too short to stand in yet another line (even online).

Happy holidays to one and all!  



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B. Viar

Wonderful post and yes- if we can only start enjoying more the quality time with our families and friends. Because that is what Christmas is all about! It is better to give to the ones is need than to spend crazy money on presents nobody may want or appreciate.

Yvonne DiVita

Mary, so true! If I had riches galore, I'd shower family and friends with lots of gifts. But, I'd give most of those riches to animal shelters. I'm so thrilled to have a home, good friends, wonderful family... why do I need gifts? Other than hugs! Hugs are the best!

Enjoy your holiday - you are among the treasures of my life.

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