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by Yvonne DiVita, Check out our Facebook page Truth is, from my perspective, it's neither the 'end' nor a 'new beginning.' It's just the conclusion of another year, according to the calendar. When we think of 'conclusion' we think of 'new'. Finishing a project opens the opportunity for new ideas... Read more →

Women give more. Period.

By Amanda Ponzar A new study, “Gender and Corporate Responsibility: It’s a Matter of Sustainability” by Catalyst and Harvard Business School finds companies with more women board members and leaders outperform financially but also give significantly more to philanthropy. For example, “the average donations of companies with three or more... Read more →

A 2011 Year in Review - a blog post from each month

By Guest Blogger, Donna DeClemente, Donna's Promo Talk Where did 2011 go? Today is my 50th and last post of 2011 on the Lip-sticking blog. I'm planning to continue throughout 2012 and keep my Wednesday morning spot. At the end of 2010 I wrote this 2010 Year In Review post... Read more →

by Yvonne DiVita, Lip-sticking founder One of my New Year's resolutions is to learn how to meditate. Seems like a silly idea, doesn't it? How hard is it to meditate, after all? Well, it is hard. To find a secluded place to meditate in complete and relaxed silence, is a... Read more →

by Yvonne DiVita Seriously. Recycling is very 'in' right now so why not recycle 2011? What can you take from this year and reformat it into success for 2012? I got this idea from watching this video (below) on the BoM site. This kid (who turned down a cool million... Read more →

No. Really. You Shouldn't Have!

By Guest Blogger, Mary Schmidt Marketing Troubleshooter We all love getting gifts, especially if they're unexpected. However - unless you're some hideously spoiled rotten socialite - it really is the thought that counts. And, according to the NYT, gift giving doesn't have to be expensive or painful. Traditionalists and etiquette... Read more →

Guest Post by Colleen Hazelrigs In my earlier posts, here and here, I introduced the idea of opening your product to international sales and showed how simple it is to do that with a package forwarder. This might have piqued your interest but you may still have reservations about the... Read more →