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Is it the end - or a new beginning?

Children-at-the-beachby Yvonne DiVita, Check out our Facebook page

Truth is, from my perspective, it's neither the 'end' nor a 'new beginning.' It's just the conclusion of another year, according to the calendar.

When we think of 'conclusion' we think of 'new'. Finishing a project opens the opportunity for new ideas and creative plans. I guess.

Truth is, you shouldn't be waiting for the end of a current project to begin something new. You shouldn't look at December 31st as your end-goal to a new focus in your business.

I'm seeing a lot "here's how to have a fabulous 2012" blog posts across the net, and as I read each one, I begin to yawn. Seriously. They're all the same. It angers me. Do this or do that, they tell you. Make plans, they tell you. Gather your team and outline the next 3 months, then meet and move forward into the next 3 months. Etc, etc, etc... Yes, I can hear Yul Brenner in my head (from 'The King and I').

Here's the skinny - your business needs to thrive all year long. Your business needs to be on the leading edge all year long. Your business should be launching new ideas and new projects throughout the year. You can time them to specific holidays, if you like, or specific calendar events. But, don't plan them according to an 'end' or a 'beginning.'

Today is a beginning. It presents overwhelming opportunity to wow your clients/customers. Tomorrow will be the same. Monday will land on your desk and do the same. The only similarity in them is... that they are all open to creative ideas that will make your customers stand up and cheer. The-road-to-adventure

I get it. I know that we are creatures of habit. It's plan this and plan that and if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. I say - hogwash! Get over it. Stop buying into those old platitudes! Stop the New Year's resolutions. You know you won't keep them. No one does. No one even tries.

Instead, make a weekly resolution to embrace the possibility of each day. Bring the best of what you have to your clients regardless of calendar day or week - join in the festivities, but don't let that rule how you do business. Business is about people and their expectations. It's about serving the greater good. It's about being open to ideas that challenge you. 

Challenge yourself and your team to design success around innovation. If you allow the calendar to dictate your approach, you do your business and your customers a disservice. You fall into the status quo, the ordinary focus too many people put on what to do 'next' or how to complete this week's endeavor in favor of next week's new idea.

It's today. Do this today. Put those thoughts, ideas, and dreams down on paper and get moving on the next big idea. Don't wait for the "New Year." It's been said, "All things come to those who wait."

And, also, "He who hesitates, is lost."

Waiting may get you 'all things'... good or bad. Who knows? Why risk it?

Not hesitating may set you on a specific direction... leading to success or failure. Who knows? Why risk it?

Put the platitudes aside. Tell the next pundit who advises you to do the same things in 2012 that you did in 2011, but with more verve or more focus or more insight, to drop dead. 

Take charge of your business. Throw the calendar away - use it only for scheduling meetings. Prepare for success going forward - success that starts today and continues every day, regardless of season or religious event - by bringing real innovation and creativity into your midst - every minute of every day.

It starts with changing your mindset. What can you do, right now, today, that is so different, so unexpected, and so powerful... the world will turn a bored eye away from your competitors and in jaw-dropping admiration exclaim, "Now, that's what I'm talking about!"

Where to start? Well, here's one company that gets it: Social Business Planning - worth a looksee.

 Another one - an article on a career move - very interesting and thought provoking, I think: Politico Reporter Ben Smith Moves to Buzzfeed .

 And, from the Harvard Review, a list of ideas that you can use to stimulte your own innovations: Innovative Ideas to Watch in 2012 .

I leave you with this:

‎"Let go of the idea that the path will lead you to your goal. 

The truth is that with each step we take.. we arrive. 

Repeat that to yourself every morning ~ 'I've arrived.' 

That way you'll find it much easier to stay in touch with each second of your day." 

~Paulo Coelho

with thanks to Robin Mellody for posting it on Facebook


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Zsa Zsa

Love this -- "Today is a beginning. It presents overwhelming opportunity to wow your clients/customers. Tomorrow will be the same." Therefore, make every day count, make every encounter memorable!

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